ZNAP QUESTION : How do you plan to upgrade / evolve your content?

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Hey buds!

My question today before I goof around more with optimizing my gear for my OWN plans and content projects and things is the same as is mentioned in the video and the title.

I personally think that getting better and planning to get better, whatever 'better' means to you, is pretty important if you want to take your stuff to anything above just a hobby you do for fun. I like to think that everyone has big dreams, so I'd love to know what you got next to try and reach them!

Shoutout to @graylan for helping me out at like, 12 AM in the morning XD Without him I would still be struggling to pull out those plugs because I would have had a panic attack LMFAO!

Check out my next video later if you have a chance, it might be interesting to you to see if running a game from one drive and recording onto another one helps with FPS issues. I don't lag in my games, but the recordings are quite choppy and I'm looking to work around that. My computer isnt THAT poopy that things like that should be happening, LOL.


Twitter @RealShahzadeh
Smoke @Shahzadeh
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAQsrwaIhm0HPLcuLeXE0w

And of course, steemit is also @Shahzadeh

▶️ DTube

Right now, I'm waiting for a new lens to come for my GoPro 3 camera. The one on it is a 220 degree fisheye lens, and that sucks for making most videos. The one I have coming is a non fisheye lens so that should help a lot. I made a couple of videos with it and then went back to the old camera. I want to use the Gopro because I have an external microphone for it that's a lot better than the built in ones.
I also bought a digital effects processor for my music making. It's easier for me to get what I want from the hardware than it is to use the effects built into the Audacity recording program.
That's what I have planned for upgrades. :-)

Awesome! Yeha fish eye lenses are cool but they do that thing where they try to bring in all the background who ever is up and in front of the camera looks really stretched and goofy xD

Digital effects processor! that sounds fancy as heck, I'm excited for you as a fellow music lover 8D

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My goodness!! You're really beautiful @kawaiicrush is right there, I'll be doing a response your video soon

Awww hahaha you guys are killing meeee I'm gonna die of bashfulbess xD thank youuuu :DDD

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Hahahaha enjoy it

Lol going through your comment section, and it seems some people find you beautiful.

About the expressive face thingie... I am poker faced so that's going to hard expressing different emotions on my face. I think the only emotion I can express with my face is 'irritation'. Asides trying to be facially expressive, I find it hard talking without stuttering. Well I will consciously work on these things.

I think I will answer your question with a video.

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Yes hahaha apparently they do! I'm still bashful about it xD

And I just replied to another person here that I'm the same way, I really have to push myself to do anything but kinda look neutral or mad at something.

Talking on camera is hard. I'm really bad at putting my words together, sometimes I feel like I just suck at language in general because I get words wrong, I misrepresent information and then have to correct myself, or I get distracted with another topic and forget the original one and have to return to it, ruining the entire process of the discussion on video. You certainly ain't alone in having things to work on xD

Looking forward to your video response!

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Thank you for engaging with my content before @shahzadeh, this is a fantastic video, please keep them coming! Superb content.

Thanks so much man! :D

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No I should say thank you, I always appreciate my fans support, please resteem my future posts and I will be sure to check out your posts!

If you want to be successful you will have to done hard work

You are right! Loads of hard work ahead!

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When an angel says you are beautiful, we humans got to rush and confirm the same because they not only act as our keepers but more so as revealers and she was riiiiight.

Growing my content, in as much as some good equipment counts not much on production, it gives a big hand into the way one relays the intended information. Am planning to gift my content with a handful of good edits, so upgrading my whole system is just one of the ways.

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