First London Steem Meetup of 2019 | Friday 18th Jan 12pm onwards | High Street Kensington

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Our first London Steem Meetup of the year!!

And for this first meetup, we're going back to our old tradition of meeting during the day at the Wholefoods Market!


Date: Friday 18/01/2019
Time: 12pm Onwards (some are coming after work, so will go on until night time)
Location: Canteen at Whole Foods Market
63-97 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 5SE
Venue caters for all dietary needs

Attending: @adetorrent, @gillianpearce, @ultravioletmag, @teodora, @colossus39, @travelling-two, @steevc, @dougalporteous, @cryptogee, @zoltarian

A few other maybes, who I'll add to the confirm list when I know more

Meetups at the Whole Foods Market were our favourite meetups for a while last year!

We learnt so much from each other. We talked about Crypto, Steem ins and out, life, philosophy, exchanged ideas, collaborated and laughed A LOT.

More than anything, a lot of us became good friends through these meetups. And we've become the fun and awesome community that we are now ;)

The venue was perfect too, in the sense that we could stay there for 10 hrs, laugh our asses off, come and go as we please and not get bothered by anyone.

Some of our Whole Foods Meetups from 2018:

Whole Foods Meetup in March


Whole Foods Meetup in March


Whole Foods Meetup in April

Whole Foods Meetup in Dec


So if you're new on Steem or to the London community and want to come to a meetup, come and join us!

We are a fun bunch (most of us :P), I can't guarantee you'll have an amazing time, but I'm sure we can make you laugh (or cry) at least once.

Comment and let me know! Or feel free to message me privately on Discord (RedRica#0895)

Hope to see you next week!

Much Love from Red

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Why the hell isn't @nanzo-scoop confirmed for that one? He bailing on meetups or wha?

'Cause I'm lazy and haven't even told him yet Hahha :P

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It looks fun! I'm in London at the moment but not in really good shape, soI don't think i'll be able to attend.

I travelled all across Europe for the last three months on my bicycle, I got to London and on my first night the bike was stolen. I find myself now with barely no money and without my only impostant possession.

If I manage to get some money to take a train up there I'll show up to meet other Steemians.

Wow.. you sound like you need a break. Where are you staying? Also, are you on Discord? I'd like to chat more privately and see if I can help.

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Heyho @redrica, I'm on Discord under the same name. It would be awesome to chat.

Thanks guys, I have just joined Steemit yesterday, so finding it all a bit confusing, so might have to join you and learn more

Definitely join us! These types of meetups can be super helpful for people new on the platform. We've all been there so happy to help with anything we can!

Message me in Discord if you prefer to have my number in case you can't find us :)

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Hii @redrica!! I’m Susan from Hong Kong and I’m now studying in London! @rea told me about this amazing meetup and I’d LOVE to join!! :)) So may I join you guys on Fri? haha!!

Of course!!! I remember her telling me about you, I'm so glad she mentioned this to you, would be great to meet you and for you to meet some of us in the London community :)

Will ask Rea to pass on my number, in case you can't find us that day!

Thanks a lot Redrica :) hahah can't wait to meet you!!! Cheers xx

Hello, I moved London 3 weeks ago and find out about the meetup thanks to @pennsif. I will try to be there if there is a place for me too :)

Amazing! Yes of course, come join us :) I find it's great to meet others in your local community, it's really helped with keeping a lot of us on Steem through tough times.

Find me on Discord if you'd prefer to have my number, so you won't miss us. Hope to see you there!

Oh maaaaan I want to cooooome! Will check, might be conflicts in my schedule combined with flight times and such, but tickets are cheap at least ;-) If not, I'll do the next!

I didn't quite expect this one to be that big, and I've been busy with my youngest's birthday, so I'm sorry I didn't let you know personally and sooner!

It would be amazing if you can make it. You are very welcome to stay at mine if you manage to bag any cheap tickets :D

Ahhh - I had a meet-up yesterday in my town and it was AWESOME! More people then expected came and it was lovely :D I might be too ambitious to go to London this Friday but let me know the next one in advance and I'm going to make a serious try :D I love love love meeting up with peepz.

Great job putting the writing over @adetorrent face in the thumbnail. Job well done! Haha. Jealous of these meetups. Makes me wanna move to london

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Hahaha I'm still laughing about it.. I sent him the pic, he's not as amused :P

It would be schweeet if you moved here... Can you??? Should be pretty easy, visa wise right? Or I'm sure @adetorrent wouldn't mind hooking you up ;)

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But london people are so depressing 😂😂😂

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Some of them are, but some of them obviously aren't ;) Even if it's just us, the London Steem community who aren't haha

Just depends who you associate with, innit

At least London exists. Everyone is now waking up to the fact that Australia is a hoax, and there's no such place.

Hope to be a part of this meetup. Depends on my job situation, if I'm already working by next week or have a job interview that I need to attend that day or just double downing on job applications. Yet, should find some time either way. 😊

Hope to see and meet new faces 😁 thanks for organising it all Red!

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Awesome man.. it'll be a chilled one, so come and go anytime from 12pm.. there will still be a bunch of us after 5pm as well. Will be great to finally meet you! Message me on Discord if you'd prefer to have my number in case you can't find us :)

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Ah OK! Sure will do. Hopefully, I can meet the whole bunch, but let's see 😉

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Hopefully :)

Yeap I will be there, after 5pm so hope I will still find some of you there to say hi. These are the times when I wish again to be a freelancer :)

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You know most of us will still be there ;) We'll need to go celebrate your belated birthday as well :D

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Awe, I wish I could but one week's notice is a bit short for me. Enjoy guys!

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to post about it sooner because of mom duties! If it's one that I expect to be bigger, I will definitely let you know personally and in good time!!

Yes! I think I'm free that day... Are you on Discord or Chat? Let's swap numbers! :-) xx


Dude you have to come! haha. People still think I'm you. Let's put an end to it once and for all.

Haha, yes, I'll come, but will never be in the same room as you, so as to perpetuate the legend! 😂🤣🤓


Guys... We should totally milk this and orchestrate a mid conversation switch at some point. When either of you has a proper convo with someone, I'll switch the other one in and see if anyone notices ;)

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No way!!!! Will be awesome to see you :D

Yes I'm on Discord, RedRica#0895

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Great! Thanks for organising a day time one @redrica.

I'll be there earlier than 12.00 so if anyone cares to join me feel free! 😁

Will be great to see you again!!

Yea I'm sure some of them will be there earlier than 12pm, most likely not me, just hope I'm not late :P See you soon :)

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It's good keep in touch with community it's always help us to grow on platform keep it up goodone. Seem to be a giod fruend where you can grow together earn together.

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Definitely! Thanks :)

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Wow great to see everyone meeting up. I left London a couple years back. I used to go to boardgame meet ups. Didn't know Steemit at the time. I'll be sure to join you if I come back around! ;-)

Yes please do! Keep an eye out for my posts if you're ever in London, I usually help organize them or will definitely resteem if anyone else is organizing one :)

@adetorrent will be run representing me in London. Lol.

I wonder how a steem meetup would be like in Lagos, Nigeria. I hardly my follow Nigerians

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Are there not many meetups there? You should organize one :)

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Nice selection of photos, wishing I hadn't moved so far west now!

Aww but I bet life is so much more peaceful there. Any chance you can join us for this meetup? :)

Can't make this Friday, will keep an eye out for future ones though!

One's bound to coincide with a trip I've already got planned to SE at some point!

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