What the Media Won't Tell You About the Flu

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What the Media Won't Tell You About the Flu
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As a medical professional I find it hard to separate my knowledge of empirical medicine from propaganda. There is a crossover of truths and a misguidance of approach to treating and preventing illness. The flu is one of those examples of topics that discombobulate the entire field. I guarantee that the news even sways the beliefs of the medical professionals. We believe what we hear on television regarding the severity of outbreaks and the necessity of flu shots- even without tangible proof to back it up. It’s scary. I recently did an informative post about the flu on my blog- all educational and relating to basic medicine but I wouldn’t have posted this if it wasn’t for this years hype.

Going to go check out your post now. :)

Almost everyone I know has been sick for the past few weeks after getting this years flu vaccine (which I have told them for YEARS now to stay away from, yet they just don't listen). I personally will be keeping that crap out of my body at all costs (and I personally haven't had even a cold/flu in the last 5+ years).

Finally you are back! Long awaited! Hope you did not catch the flu 🙂
The worst thing about these vaccinations is that people actually fall for the propaganda. They do anything for their "Safety". It is mindboggling...

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I'm curious about your videos: do you edit them yourself? Do you use stock footage? They are always so beautiful and visually activating....

Thank you! I edit them myself, and I use a combo of stock footage and movie clips.

<3 <3 I've been wanting to ask you that for so long! Keep up the good work, I always look forward to your videos! I gather up everyone who is in the house when they drop and sit them down to watch with me :)


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Every year in January the same procedure as it is pure and evil marketing for the pharmaceutical industry.

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ASking your phone has better answers than most doctors

Siri what's in the flu shot

Where's the 50,000 ppb mercury?

Here is a table of thimerosal content in currently licensed vaccines according to the FDA.


I would say that I take a lot of mercury everyday since my tooth are filled with amalgam. Formaldehyde from apples and aluminium salts from my antacids. feel pretty fine. I got also the flu shot since 12 years.

Great info as always! You are so thorough in your research!

I stopped getting the flu when I stopped getting my flu shot.

Weird huh ;) inject diseases get diseases

How can you inject myocardial infarction?

I'm so excited to find you on Steemit! This is a very informative video, as usual. I've noticed people claiming to have the flu without having been swabbed. They appear to have colds, but they have a flu diagnosis. This kind of practice could shoot the numbers up. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies need more oversight.

Just to say, I have been surrounded by sick people! However, I have chosen to keep my IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTED and keep my HANDS CLEAN and- using Colloidal Silver Spray daily. Getting a "flu shot" in random places- grocery stores? is just off the table! Here is a great article on how to avoid being contaminated and overtaken by the "flu virus"
Thanks for all you do- you are REALLY GRACEFUL! when passing on all the info!

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Мy thinking but explained and expressed well. Gread Video !