DTube - Did a Cartoon Mouse just kill the internet? Disney Buys Fox As Net Neutrality Vote Looms

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A new internet completely different from how we know it today may be just around the corner!

If the regulators get their way the internet will soon be turned into something that more resembles cable tv! The timing of Disney's acquisition is questionable to say the least.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down what can be expected should net neutrality actually succeed.

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Watching these major media companies buy each other is like watching an incestuous hillbilly family morph into something out of "The Hills Have Eyes".


What differs internet and cablt tv is that in internet you always could dive a step deeper into virtuality.
They will only succedeed in growth of grey and black nets.

I guess it is the commitment of virtuality and comparison of Compitation.

Illegal VR Lolicon Porn is so going to be a thing soon and it's going to make crack addiction seem like a minor problem in comparison.

To be real I'm completely fine with this. March of progress! Lolicon progress!

Decentralization is the next viable step for the future of the internet

This is what must happen. Mesh networks with blockchain technology. Everyone has a phone with a wifi connection. To heck with the big companies and politicians trying to screw us on essential services. All we need are phones and electricity.

You have said it all....

I hope it takes off fast before it's too late

Funny :D

This worries me greatly. We must decentralize the Internet.

Edit: Net Neutrality (aka government takeover) worries me greatly. My suggestion to decentralize the Internet is intended to make it harder for government and corporations to censor free speech.

You realize that "net neutrality" regulations actually CENTRALIZE the Internet with the FCC and the gov't at large?

Yes, I do realize that. I don't want net neutrality. I perfer allowing corporations to decide what services they can provide instead of leaving it in the hands of goverments to regulate with violence.

If we can't have 'net neutrality', then decentralization might be better. Because the system will be self serving than.

But the technological challenges will be in-manse. So it's not very likely to be happening.

It's not very likely to be happening? That can't be good!

uu do know the cable companie n tenensee forced alaw that forced chatanoogas gig public ISP to pay for internet access infrastructure in all of Tenesee...a law designed to specifically bankrupt the city of chatanoogas nascent gigabit ISP that was the fastest in the city.....https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/03/tennessee-kills-muni-broadband-expansion-bill-after-att-opposition/


Yeah guys i think decentralization is the way to go.

Doesnt seems like a easier task

Removing net neutrality gives more power to ISPs to censor the internet though. If it's in FCC's hand, even if they wanted to censor the internet they would be susceptible to the first amendment.

If ISPs censor content we are free to no longer choose to use their services and pick another ISP. With the feral government your choices are to either comply or pay fines or go to prison. The problem is the more power you give the FCC the more likely they are to continue chipping away at our First Ammendment rights. The FCC is much more likely than a corporation to censor content. Even the definition of "censor" describes a government action -


an official who examines material that is about to be released, such as books, movies, news, and art, and suppresses any parts that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.

Note: "an official..."

If companies like facebook and youtube are spending money to censor content it is probably at the request of, to be on the good side of, or for fear of government.

The first amendment doesn't keep the FCC from censoring things. Why do you think there are certain words that can't be said on TV during "prime-time"??? not all speech is protected speech.

The internet was designed to survive a nuclear war and on the upside will encourage workarounds and hacks. Also some ISP,s will market not doing it to attract customers. Just use a different gateway.

Not everyone in the US has the right to use a different gateway... The government sponsored (a.k.a. subsidized) monopolies are our only options. I think Mesh Networking is the way to go. and the great part is, most of us already have broadband wireless routers; so the infrastructure could already be in place to make the change now.

Soon we will have a solution to decentralise internet!

I hope, it comes as fast as possible.

He is dead.
🙇😢 😢 Aaron swartz2.jpg😢🙇

Where is Aaron Swartz 2.0 ... @ironshield

Aaron Swartz - On Peer To Peer, Digital Rights Management and Web 2.0

Napster changed everything. For the average listener, they were previously solely limited to the mainstream records available in their small local record shop that usually wouldn't take risks on selling the work of smaller bands and artists; now they could listen to previously unheard bands free of charge, and therefore free of the risk of wasting hard earned money. This destroyed the influence that mainstream labels had upon culture and society to an extent. We could discover the music that we really wanted to discover, not what they wanted us to discover via traditional promotion methods.

Great call... I was thinking the same thing earlier today. Although I didn't know it at the time, it was my first glimpse the World of Steem.

(Sidenote: first post -- could not be more grateful to be here. Thank you all!)

Welcome to the platform :)

Aaron Swartz

This sounds like bad news.




Great update, I hear this news first. thanks for sharing and really good to see this post

Sounds like we need to start decentralizing the internet itself, blockchain tech & cryptos are the just the first step in a very long fight for freedom. Folks, the war is just getting started.

This is what must happen. Mesh networks with blockchain technology. Everyone has a phone with a wifi connection. To heck with the big companies and politicians trying to screw us on essential services. All we need are phones and electricity.

I believe there was a group that was working on mesh networks and allowing people to rent out their broadband connections to other users for payment in crypto, but I can't think of the name of the project right now.

I think you are thinking of Ammbr. They provide device that lets share your wifi with the neighborhood for tokens on the network. It's not bad, but there must be some way to do this phone to phone where the info is encrypted, distributed, and stored on reserved space across phones.

I hope people will wake up very soon. We are loosing our rights and very fast. Soon, only the uber rich will be able to get full access to the internet. The powers that be don't want us to disturb their plans. They want us to be hard working sheeps that keep quiet and turn into media zombies!

Can't wait for the public to respond to net neutrality through usage of mesh-nets and make the internet into the decentralized network it should be.

honestly, the programming of television every day is worse, it would be a pity if the internet ended in the same way.

Great post! :)

Thanks Dan. Last time saw a subject laid out and explained that well it was a frog in a science lab, keep up the good work!

Technology is rapidly changing new discovery and ideas are coming out every day and I am glad for this development

Thanks for keeping us posted, but whatever happens lets just hope that everything will be fine according to their will.

The fight isn't over yet. We still have time to to ensure this doesn't see the day of light.

How strange 2017 has been..

I'm not against this kind of actions if this is going to be positive for a more top quality productions, more jobs, fine, but, I guess the will sweeten things up, hope X-Men and other productions still independent, I'm not prepared to see that too family-type or PG, and, of course lot of people.

Whatever the government introduces to the United States affects some countries but the truth is that something good comes out of it for other countries e.g Russia and major part in Europe, China and the south East Asia.
What the American government has refused to see is that the world is NOT America , once you make a bad decision your SuperPower status declines a notch. little by little such decision and action would then turn the country to 'The Sick Man of America'.
The Senate should tread softly as there are countries undermining the efforts of the United States, dwindling 'her' to a lower state.
May it not be the case of "How hath the mighty fallen" as it was for Russia in the mid 90s.
To those that cherish freedom, put on your thinking caps and stop dancing to the tune of this deadly pipper.

What's wrong with the present internet?

Net neutrality demands that ISP's does not discriminate based on the content users are accessing. By repealing net neutrality, ISP's can charge differently based on the content users are accessing, so they will become richer. In other words, government prevents ISP's from maximizing profit, which is immoral.

It's actually worse than that ... the repeal also allows for ISP's to filter and alter the data stream. Basically, that's the end of free speech and free press. And if anybody wants to claim that it won't be all that bad -- take a look at what happens every single time a group of coporate interests makes policy. It's bad.

And to anyone who thinks there's no problem ... well you also probably say "I have nothing to hide" when being told of illegal search and seizure. For those who just don't understand, that's why those who do need to protect you by fighting against this kind of thing. For those who honestly believe it's okay, you're best off being quiet.

They are way on this track with the big social media players like facebook which owns instagram as well, twitter and Google Plus, to name a few, apply their algorithm to sort the contents you see while browsing your timeline. You like a post shared by a friend and you will end up seeing similar if not the same post tens of times repeatedly because they know what's best for you based on your interest, meanwhile you lose on hundreds of other real valuable contents filtered out.
Now this, instead of earning by your content you will have to pay the internet big providers to show your content!

I see your point in the second paragraph although it was worded awkwardly, but I think the first paragraph was unnessecary. Also, I don't see how this comment is a reply to caseyjparker. Maybe you should have posted this as it's own comment instead.

wow lol post!!!!!!!awsome video

The USA seems to be becoming what they told us Russia was like in the 70s no freedom of speech & in the land of the free eh.

Disney Buys Fox awesome cartoon movies @pressfortruth

The fact of the matter is, these FCC regulations didn't exist until 2015, and the Internet did just fine up until then. The problem is lack of competition because of artificial barriers to entry caused by additional state and local government regulation. "Net neutrality" regulation consolidates power into the hands of unelected bureaucrats. This boogie man idea that Comcast or Verizon are going to start picking and choosing which type of websites you are and aren't allowed to go see is ridiculous.

At least we get X-men in the MCU haha

This seems like a science fiction movie... WOW

This regulation is too much.. People have made there lives through the internet such as youtube instagram & twitter.. Alot of people will be struggling

So Disney basically owns the world....great. We are living in some sort of Capitalistic Dystopian Mickey Mouse Pedo Nightmare.

What's wrong with the present internet?

Great video! This is my first watched video on this platform, and I already know I'd like to follow your channel.

If I could make a suggestion, I think simply telling the viewer what's going on won't be enough to separate this channel from the mainstream outlets. I know that an independent channel won't have the same resources, but I feel there are ways to differentiate. The best way, is to inform viewers of things mainstream media wouldn't dare to bring attention.

You mention in the video that there are others attempting to make a separate internet, but did not mention any names. I'm aware of Kim Dotcom, but are there others? I'd like to be aware of other options in case everyone's worries become reality. I think discussing these alternatives will help the channel. You've piqued my interest, and I'm sure others feel the same way.

It comes down to power, and when you have power you have control.

What why why why oh my God why just why I love you guys kind of dough imma post.

Good thing the internet is drastically changing and its only the old system this will effect!

The worst part of it all is how sanitized our media will likely become.

Yeah, Disney and Fox movies are fun but a company owning such a large portion of media? Seems like they'll take way fewer risks. We'll be stuck with even more rehash and sequels. Ugh.

I have sky as my Internet Service Provider here in the UK. That's also been bought up in this sale. Not good at all, guess I need to change ISP. Wonder what the new price will be when Disney take over Sky.

This whole net neutrality thing is gotta get overturned. Business will suffer sites like Steemit will suffer....the average Joe will not be able to afford basic internet

This is a bad news, internet must be decentralized.

I'm a big fan of Disney world and happy about new term in internet 2.0.

40 % of box office doesn't sound bad, doesn't it ?
Oh, wait it does !

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Wow, disney buys everything now. They used to make stuff.

Anyway, yeah I think a decentralised internet is the way of the future. They can try to control this internet we have right now all they want and it will only push us to find an alternative. Just like the central banks pushed us to create a better currency.

These companies shrug off monopolies like the 1% shrug off paying taxes. Not very surprised at all.

I congratulate you on this :)

thats a great content one..i huge knowledge gain your content..thanks for sharing..best of luck..✌✌✌

Regulations can be good, and it is good in net neutrality. Net neutrality just makes sure that ISP's does not charge you based on the applications you are using.

For example, concider an ISP, lets call it A, has a very good relationship with youtube, but d.tube happens to compete with youtube. So A decides that content from d.tube will be slowed down in order to make people continue to watching youtube instead.

I guess repealing net neutrality comes down to whether you want ISPs to become richer at the cost of getting worse internet.

This kind of blockage will never work imo

Explain to me where we saw this happening before 2015 with any of the major U.S. ISPs.

Comcast slowing down peer to peer services. cnet.com/news/fcc-formally-rules-comcasts-throttling-of-bittorrent-was-illegal/

I see that the formatting of my comment was a little bit screwed up. Probably because of a formatting bug or something.

Didnt The Simpsons show predicted it? =D

what's super interesting to me is how FCC hits a home run and this happens at the same time, someone has got insider knowledge for sure. i bet the disney ceo is in trumps pocket too. it smells of men in grey suits to me.

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Cartoon mouse solo escuchar o ver esa imagen y fijar la vista en el texto.

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A nice explanation of the Net Neutrality illusion.
They shoudln't try regulating what they don't fully understand. The possibilities that come with fast, large scale world connectivness should be more explored, less regulated.
Great job!!

I still don’t get why we haven’t gotten rid of these fucking sock puppets we call our leaders ⁉️ SHEEPLE grab some rope and find a tall tree ❗️That’s all they deserve ❗️Don’t buy their SHIT made in China ❗️Go dumpster diving ,thrift store shopping ❗️Believe me there is plenty of worthless shit made in china that still has some use . The shit they’re making today has the same amount of plastic shit in it . Don’t buy they’re entertainment crap either . Games are ALL HACKABLE SHIT ❗️Most songs are remakes , more prof that the ILLUMINATI have no imagination cuz their movies are ALL shit too and remakes of either known books or old movies . Star Wars is a perfect example of NO IMAGINATION❗️They couldn’t come up with an original thought if their lives depended on it .

Move your asses and do something! go to the streets! call your politicians. We all depend on your move now.

Helo, Have a nice day :D

Following the purchase of Lucasfilm, this really comes as little surprise. They have owned the Pop music industry for years, marketing their future musical superstars through their kids shows and selling them to the children, who feel they know them as they grow up together, guaranteeing an audience for the music.

you made some really great points in this video. we must decentralize the internet. keep making good content like this and you will go far in life!

UPVOTED ON DEMAN! THIS IS SO AWESOME :) DECENTRALIZATION KNOCKING ON ROTCHILDS and simmilar doors :) ANON WISH U MANY LUCK in 2018 year of DOG where real friends appear.




@pressfortruth - Net neutrality should be declared a universal right - the moment we lose it, we will be indoctrinated with information unknowlingly by our internet providers..

I would like to know more " our version" of the internet he referred to

amazing, I really like your posts, and this is the latest info for me, thanks for the news

they do not like that their are people out there watching real people and not what "they" want us to believe

It is hard to accept that money is of more importance than people

Nice post please upvote my profile

Simpsons called it again!

This is it. We need to create our own internet now

Only in the US could this still be debated.

awesome!! thanks for share it with us

internet completely different we know it today may be just around the corner.

Really nigga?

Hello brothers i'am verry happy see look your post good job

What if we’re all monkeys?


These are bad news. For all of us.

I probably don't fully understand the technical side of the internet, but am I wrong to suggest that if net neutrality gets peeled back, and the internet becomes "internet 2.0 run by the corporations - the more you pay, the faster/freer your service", then won't won't just move to app-based internet services instead of browser-based, to circumvent ISP's throttling or just plain blocking access to certain sites you frequent?

E.g. I can imagine Reddit and/or Steemit being suppressed/throttled relentlessly; and Facebook, Instagram etc. somehow magically 'thriving' amongst this change to net-neutrality...

This can't be good, but i like this Commrnt, because it's good to say!

This is another innovation from a well talented person. This reminds us that intelligence is really the mainstream of every good and successful article or site. Kudos to the writer of this article

i'm worried more and more countries are becoming closer to the chinese communist party, where everything is centralized and controlled by either the government or a corporation that works like a government.

I bet this video would be demonetized on YouTube or removed for "hate speech" because - according to YouTube and Susan Wojcicki - even if you sneeze on a video, someone might consider it as offensive and flag it for "hate speech". YouTube bot would "think":

  • hen 6000 people liked this video but one disliked it and flagged as "hate speech" so i guess it is hate speech.
    YouTube: me reviewed the video and uphold our previous decision.
    This is how my 81k channel was killed.... For reading statistics.

This isn't good, but on DTube, your Videos or even your Channel can't be deleted für such stupid reasons.

It seems as though that the plebian internet is becoming more and more like Cable TV 2.0 and people seem to be happy about it. It's really quizzical. It seems like Disney's pushing for a centralized model where they're getting a little chunk out of all web/ad revenue on the plebnet. It's not going to amount to much when everything's on IPFS though. Lousy bastards.

"Hey! Rad! I can stream this movie I've already bought 3 times! Hey look! They have all the Dane Cook specials!"

I Really like your post .......

"Simpsons did it!"

Hello. I'm new to all of this. Thank you for the information. Guessing I will learn as I go. I'm just a country poet looking for meaning within the chaos. I need folks to guide me along the digital pathway. Thanks.

On steemit.com/welcome you'll get some information to get started on the SteemIt Network.

It's happening... Joycamp predicted it long ago!

Interesting days ahead.

Thanks, I should have read. I didn't mean to SPAM. I love witty and funny one line comments with gifs to make people smile and relate to the topic. Was not my intention to spam. Thanks @miti

You're welcome

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