The Steem Price Went Up! Yay! Let's Create Something!

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Create time for yourself and then you will be able to create content for others. Or, we can say this in another way... Help yourself to help others!

Don't feed your brain with stupid things, because your mouth will release those things out... It's an elementary physics... My professor used to say: "Everything that comes in, has to come out..." So, watch out what are you letting IN...

And just a short notice for the end... I have tried to create a palm-free video but those bloody trees are everywhere... Sorry, @jongolson, I know that you will be annoyed... :)

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Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and really great advice about creating content and feeding our brain, if we create consistently and keep it up we also create a good feedback loop where our brain wants us to create more, it works on Steem and our business, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thank you! We have to keep our brain entertained... If not, it will do some silly stuff on its own... :)

Thanks @ph1102, and you got that right, I just woke last night and think I got a great idea of how dark matter works from a laymans perspective, but it does not help my business though, keep up your awesome work.

hahahahaha... But, maybe you can get Nobel prize for the idea. :)

Only if I can prove it, and what's the chances of that. 👍😀😉

Create time for yourself and then you will be able to create content for others.

I totally agree with you on this. Oh boy, I'm behind in catching up with video watching! :D happy weekend!

Thanks! If we improve ourselves, we will improve our surroundings and the people around us...

Yeah... He is missing the snow... :)

Thanks for the suggestion for curation! Appreciate it!

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