Looking Outside STEEM to grow your blog #2 Monetization

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Hay everyone and welcome to my Dtube video

In the last few videos we talked about getting more eyes on your content and how looking out side steem and to the general web for traffic is a good idea. We also discussed influencer networking, a skill many of us here on steem have a real good grasp of. We will go back to influencer networking and influencer marketing in a later video

Today I want to quickly talk about monetizing your blog and online content. Most people ultimately publish content and creations online with the aim of one day monetizing it. The rewards pool on steem is not really doing that job and I don’t believe it is equipped to do so for everyone that publishes via STEEM.

There are many ways you can monetize you content and, in this video, you will be introduced to affiliate marketing, premium content such as paid courses or ebooks & consultancy

Even Steemit Inc are now monetizing with google ads. If they can make money from our content, then so can the rest of us.

I hope you enjoy the video

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I am enjoying your efforts to spread these ideas! I have not considered these efforts in the last but as I want to see how I get more involved, these are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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all this stuff im sharing I have done with my non steem website over the years. I may not be an expert but if it works for non steem stuff, im sure it can also be applied to steem

Good suggestions for adding monetization to one's blog.. Extra passive income is always appreciated!

Now wouldn't it be great if posts on Steemit could earn rewards for longer than 7 days (like indefinitely)??? That is the world I one day want to live in..

Thanks, @paulag!!!

there is now way the current rewards pool could sustain a payout of longer than 7 days

Even Steemit Inc are now monetizing with google ads. If they can make money from our content, then so can the rest of us.

dito -

Referrals are going be one of my ways in 2019 of monetizing my content. I don’t write a lot of game reviews like I can and have in the past as they are just too time consuming and to keep up with the gaming industry that’s s $59.99+ per new triple A game where the traffic and people looking to consume content is going be.


In the short term I’ve focusing on SM to that end. I noticed yesterday when I posted a battle report on twitter that it did get some link clicks. Which I was quite surprised by.

I’m in the middle of auditing, better organizing and seeing what content I do have that I’m going try and monetize elsewhere or here in a different way.

One of my biggest hang-ups right now at least in terms of using Steem is just my lack of access to analytics quality data. I don’t know my traffic or can even ballpark number since the only impact I can see is if someone has a Steem account. Then you have all the sources of different platforms using Steem that my content could be viewed on . Even if other sites had traffic data google search results are going bring up my stuff posted on Steemit and not those other platforms.

Without something more concrete contacting a company and striking a deal for a free reviewers version of the game in exchange for me creating content around it is just wasting there and my time. Sadly I am only now getting around to even using something like Twitter so again I can’t give a company any meaningful numbers since I do not have any to speak of.

Later in the year there should be a couple of things in the gaming industry going on where I won’t need to make that direct contact. I can just get a referral link to sell to a store. I know there some smaller opportunity already out there. I just got sit down and roll up my selves to work it all out.

At some point I think I’m just going have to make my own website and go all in if I really want to be earning more than just a dollar off my content. To hard press for time right now and other resources to want jump into that realm.

Not having analytics is a problem. Its to hard to know what works and what does not work. To get real analytics for steem stuff, all the app owners would have to come together and share data with each other. So many user interfaces can access the same posts. Its a tricky one.

Making a website I believe is the way to go, especially for you. Im sure you have already seen my website and you are aware that with a wordpress site, you can get stats, still post to seem, place ads, collect email addresses. actually setting up a wordpress site is not as hard as many might thing. I understand time being an issue. Maybe when I finish doing this series of videos I will do a few basic ones on setting up a wordpress site and linking to steem.

You check often your key points on your sheet. ;) In general great video and this an important topic for any sustainable online business out there!

I need to work on that, or maybe move the camera further away so you dont see so much eye movement :-)

You will get better over time, the more you make videos the more you become proficient at it. :)

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To expand the monetization of my Steem content, I also cross-post it on Whaleshares, Weku and Trybe. Weku tokens are not yet tradable but I'm building a foundation for the future when the market recovers.

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