Smoked Pork Shoulder for My @mancave Friends! @dtube Version

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Here is the @dtube version of the smoked pork shoulder video I completed recently. Smoking meat is much, much easier than the "experts" would have you to believe. Take a moment to watch the vid, go buy a hunk of meat, and get to smoking my brothers and sisters!!!

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All photos and videos are my own creation unless otherwise noted.

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I agree! Steem is the future.

That looks delicious!

Thank you! It was really good. We only had a taste tonight. Tomorrow we are chipping it up as a baked potato topping with sour cream, cheese, and butter!

Hey man, why do you like to make me suffer...I'd sink my teeth into them, right now..and this makes me salivate like a to go to fridge now..

lol sorry brother! It was fantastic!

I soak mine a apple cider/apple juice brine the night before, I cook it.

I've done that in the past and I have also dabbed it with that mixture throughout the smoking process. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

I love learning more about smoking and grilling. I recently did some babyback ribs in my grill.

But be careful about your garlic! If the fork touches the meat, it shouldn't go back into the jar. That's an easy way to get sick in the future.

Awesome, ribs can be really tricky and I only due them occasionally. One trick I learned from my father is to have a dedicated cooler to use just for grilling and when you are finished with the ribs on the grill, you immediately throw them in the cooler with your choice of sauce and let it sit sealed for about 15 minutes or so.

Thanks for coming by and commenting.