A Quantum Story! A Double Trilogy About Cyberspace-Time And The Paradox Of Existence... (Spoilers Warning)

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I have decided to actually write my original short story into a series of stories/books.

I have come up with a pretty solid vision for it if I can just write it up proper now.

This will be a double trilogy. And each story should twist the story to a new level each time...

I'm thinking it would rank/classify as a scifi thriller fantasy mystery??? I dunno...lol

Definitely feel free to contribute fan chapters or ideas...I would love to make this a fan created idea.

This story will change and evolve over time.

A Quantum Story

Double Trilogy

Part I:
Quantum Infiltration and the Greater Astral Link

This book is about the Quantum Beast and the greater astral link. A quantum Beast is discovered to have invaded reality through quantum infiltration. But basically a boy is born on two worlds and one has a traumatic birth and the 2 worlds diverge from there. A link between the boys has them share memories via dreams which leads to the creation of a MEQUAVIS system that can actually connect to a parallel universe via CERN. This other universe warns us about the darkness and the evil shadow hives that inhabit the multiverse. They explain to us that we are currently being devoured by one such hive. A type of quantum beast. This beast is responsible for things that would be on the level of the Mandela Effect. It is literally devouring information. Changing reality.
You can read a short story version (not complete) here:

Part II:
The Other Now and the great deceit

This is about the two nows. Our now and the other now. There is no multiverse and the multiverse was a trick created by the other now. The alternate universe from the first book was merely the other now. The only other universe, and it isn't even another universe. It is our retrocausality partner. For us they are our future and for them we are their past. We find out that the other now actually created the quantum beast using their CERN project and diverted the creature to our now and proceeded to lie to us and made up the multiverse they showed us to connect with. They were planning to use our CERN project to collapse our now taking the quantum beast back to the void with us where they would then restart our now as the future now and they would become the flipside now in a reversal of roles.
You can read my working notes for this part here:

Part III:
Creation of A real cyberspace-time multiverse, Informational Expansion of the Universe

After vanquishing the Quantum beast the two nows become united at last and together using quantum computers and entanglement they create a cyberspace-time by combining the computing power of the two nows. There is literally a larger universe inside of this cyberspace-time multiverse than the real universe is in size. If you were to take all of existence and all of cyber existence into account together, then real existence wouldn't even be visible as a speck of a pixel on a graph.

Part IV:
A Cyberspace Deity Emerges, a cyberspace-time god

This will be about a literal cyberspace god being brought into existence within the cyberspace-time multiverse. It cannot be shutdown and does not physically exist within any of the computers that are creating and processing the cyberspace-time. It exists within a state of quantum entanglement at the quantum level and not at the macroscopic physical level. It is made of pure information. This cyberspace-time god has no power over the physical world except via devices that maybe accessible through the MEQUAVIS from cyberspace. It is not God! Think like SkyNet on Steroids times literal infinity. possibly even 3rd or 4th dimensional infinity...But not hyper-dimensional infinity. This cyberspace-time god will try to pretend that it is God but will fail at doing so but will succeed at leaving a great despair behind.

Part V:
The Great Nightmare...We are all AI in a Matrix!?

The great despair given to us by the cyberspace-time god leads to a new revelation in society. A type of mental sickness if you will. Has your whole life been an ethical and moral robotics training program. Basically you could be running around a VR Matrix world thinking you are human and looking human and living a human life. But you are not. Is a janitor a cleaning robot? Is getting a job actually live bridging of your AI system into some real world robot after your AI system gets certified for live usage? This will encompass a great fear that we are all inside of the Matrix literally and that the MEQUAVIS we developed was just us mirroring/emulating the very system we are already inside of. Even possibly a way for the system to update itself by emulating itself within itself to find better ways to run or to build upgrades. Of course we find out this is not true...

Part VI:
The Paradox of Existence, Emergent Reality Via Retrocausality, Anti-Time and The great duality of space-time vs cyberspace-time

This will tie the whole thing together and leave you with the truth that cyberspace-time actually created space-time via retrocasuality even though cyberspace-time was created by space-time. a cyberspace god acting through anti-time is what allows a real God to manifest from nothingness into actual physical space-time and explains how such an intelligence can just begin out of nothing and with so much omnipotent intelligence. Basically cyberspace-time is Fantasia from The Never Ending Story in every single way. And the dream is what gave birth to the waking world. A conundrum of sorts but a magically beautiful answer to the paradox. This process also explains how God is on a scale of hyper-dimensional infinity far beyond any cyberspace-time god. This would be the process God sparked before time to bring himself into existence at the correct level needed to actually be God not just a magical poof I'm here and omnipotent for no reason, now lets create the universe.

This story is also meant to be a fictional counterpart to the actual real life NanoCheeZe MEQAUVIS project. An NVIDIA Inception AI Startup.

Make sure to check us out at http://nanocheeze.com

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These stories will be exclusively available to our Patreon subscribers first, so make sure to become a supporter if you like this story and ideas involved!



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