The Carnival Parade and the Spectacular Fireworks show at the Muscat Festival

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The yearly Muscat festival event which starts by mid Jan and goes on for almost a month. We got a chance to visit over the weekend. It's a very lively event with lots of things, events, shows happening out there like there is a Heritage village showcasing the local Omani items, then there is a play area for children with lots of rides for them, there are shows that keep happening throughout the evening on all the days and there is fireworks, there are lot of food stalls with a variety of eatables and you can do some shopping also. Overall it's an event where you can spend a fun evening with family and friends. The kids enjoy a lot out here since there are many activities for them.

The best from the festival I like is the Carnival parade by participants from various countries and then the fireworks show. Both of these are spectacular. I am sharing a video of both of them. Hope you all enjoy watching it.

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GIF Courtesy @enginewitty 😍😍

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A very good post @ninaztengra, I really like this post.


Thank you @I3o007

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It looks fun to witness that kind of parade @nainaztengra because they sure entertain the crowd plus the other vents along with it is a fun thing to be a part of as well especially for the children.


Kids as well as elders all were enjoying it. I enjoy visiting this yearly festival

A really fun and vibrant festival, looks like it was an entertaining day out and I am sure the young ones really enjoyed it.

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We had a great time specially the kids.