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Take a break from this futile war! Come over to @steemsilvergold and spread a little LOVE instead!

Whale Wars 1.jpg

That's to bad. I followed @TuckFheman to Steemit from the bitshares community.


not to worry.. Tuck will be fine


Feel Sorry For You But Move On

korea drama is good and fun

Upvote for the pun!

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnn! Lets Go Champpppppppp!

Isn't that just part of the drama? Isnt he also getting a load of upvotes on everything he posts and getting all the earnings?


actually.. this video addresses a problem for the popular, community driven, @spl which relies on the success of the post made by the account. Those SBD's earned help fund the league and tournaments to which your fellow steemians participate in. Tuck, does not profit from @spl post and that is explained in the video.

good information @mrwang69

very interesting
I have upvote and resteem
teach me steemit to write the right and interesting
thank you

its Worse i Followed But...

Ist of all i love poker... But Every single online poker site is mainly a scam.
I wish it wasn't true. But a little research into the subject and you'll see for yourself.
Do you think a Poker site linked to steemit called @lucksacs would be any different? Paying and recieving SBD or steem instead of money.
Lots of ppl love poker and to gamble but this is a low budget poker site that is riding on Steemit's momentum.
You cant even join without a reputation of atleast 30? Wouldn't a new pokersite want embrace new players? instead of discriminate?

I play poker all the time, with a real deck of cards. I wish i could play at home in my underware on a computer. But i value my currencies therefore play at real establishments with real people.

Not trying to hate on anyone though>>> Peace


Actually.. the tournaments are FREE ROLLS.. you are required to have a minimum reputation score AND be active in the steemit community, in order to be accepted and play the FREE poker tournaments. This requirement is to prevent dupe accounts, scammers and anybody looking to take advantage and game the system.


simple as that...