Whale Wars - Give Peace (and @steemsilvergold) A Chance

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As the great Whale Wars of Steemit continue on, one cannot help but notice that each side's attack posts seem to be accruing HUGE dollar values in the process. After all, in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

Whale Wars The Steemit Skirmish.jpg

Well, I submit to you this modest proposal, an opportunity if you will:

There are a bunch of hard working posters over at @steemsilvergold grinding it out daily for meager earnings that come no where near the scraps that fall from your tables on a daily basis. How about all of you Whales come on over and spread the love in our neck of the Steemit woods for a day or two.

Better yet, come on over and up-vote blast our very own vote bot, @silvergoldbotty, with a couple of your massive upvotes.

Here is your opportunity to Make Love, Not War! Come on over and show @silvergoldbotty some love!

Whale Wars 3.jpg

What do you say? Anyone willing to beat your switchblades and crowbars into plowshares?

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The war still rages on.

There's no doubt that the participants have made some coins by selling tickets to the fight. It's like this clip from South Park: http://southpark.cc.com/clips/209730/the-greatest-thief-club-in-the-world

"Always Working an Angle"

tldr: Obama and Mccain just ran for president to cover up their plans to steal the Hope Diamond.


Those guys seriously kill me! I liked their take-off of Whale Wars called Whale Whores!


whales will always be whales *wink @sirstacksalot @theinsideout @nikethemutt

I love your pics.
rando with a crow bar there is great. lol


Thanks! I saw it and immediately thought of the fight that's going on!

Fat Captain!

Love watching Whale Wars....to laugh at them!!!

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the wars have been detrimental to the platform , this is not right , i agree use those voting power to help minnows , its time we move forward as a team not a waring fuction

Good idea Mate.... but don't hold your breath waiting.