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I compiled all of my personal footage of my Hurricane Florence experience and have finally made it into a compilation video. In this video you get to see what I saw throughout the hurricane and the aftermath of this "once in a lifetime storm."

This is the first time I have used a video editing program (Filmora9), but I think it turned out great! It is a short 3 1/2 min video, so I would appreciate it if you took the time to check it out quick! ;0)

In case you are wondering I am rather new to Dtube, this is only my 3rd video ever! However, I really enjoyed making this compilation video so I plan on doing a bunch more videos, and they will only get better as I go :0)

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Those storms really pack a punch and your films brought back memories of the 2017 hurricane Harvey we had here. Not bad for only your third DTube, not bad at all, the transitions were pretty smooth from segment to segment.

WOW that was pretty intensive to watch Thanks for sharing with us and giving us some insight to its effects

Hey thanks for the insight on this hurricane, it's crazy how the world is so off balance, you guys get hurricanes and flooding, we get insane wildfires. Seems like some kind of messed up geoengineering going on. Be well be safe and keep us updated.

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Yeah, the world does seem to be getting more off balance faster every year! I'm sure geoengineering plays a huge roll in all this crazy weather. Thanks for taking the time to check out my video. :0)

As a result. .. this film is meaning alot ...I hope that there will be someone who knows about these nature reflections of the mother earth to help others before any more desisators moght happen in the nearby future...


Thank you for making this video and sharing it. I only saw something similar once, when we had the winds but not the rain so there was no flooding. Some giant oaks came down on our village green so I know how frightening mother nature can be.

I hope your community has recovered now.

Wow! That must have been scary! Were you worried when you would driving through the water that your car might stop running?
I guess that is a reminder to all of us to prepare for the worst of times so when disasters strike you can ride through them.
Thanks so much for sharing!
How are things looking now?

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When I lived in Florida, we had some great hurricane parties!

Namaste, JaiChai

This was the first hurricane I had been through and although we did get drunk that day (because our power was out and we had nothing better to do) I wouldn't exactly call it a "party" by any means considering it was just me and my fiance! LoL.

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