Alternative Consumer Challenge: @mayb Cosmetics

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This is my contribution to the Alternative Consumer Challenge by @naturalmedicine and @ecotrain.

Thus, we ask YOU to post your wisdom on the topic:
What alternative consumer habits do you have, or can you explore, that support your HEALTH and the planet you love?

I love the idea to promote a healthy and alternative lifestyle. That's my kind of anarchy. So, I decided to do this little video where I show you some of my alternative cosmetic products that are actually sounder than anything you can buy. Enjoy my little hacks for a healthier life! Below I link some of my older posts that I mention in the video on how to make your won soap, deo, creme, and more …

The Secret Power Of A Snail's Mucus

DIY – how to make a better Aloe creme than the one you can buy

DIY – how to make your own liquid soap

DIY – It's hilariously simple to make your own deo, you'll never gonna buy it again!

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Yes! I think it's anarchic as well! Love that you are laying on your bed with a fat one. So cute. Yes, that's an interesting one isn't it - if you wouldn't ingest it, you shouldn't use it, and the skin ABSORBS and ingests the 'shit that the industry puts onto their products'. Sadly woman are indoctrinated to wear product to validate themselves. Choosing a natural option is definitely better! Omg you are hilarious - really!! Snails!! Rye flour and water for shampoo!!! I had no idea. Banana peels!! All with a kicking soundtrack and humour. Love it.

Did you know that @ecotrain and @naturalmedicine are colloborating on an awesome challenge where you can win 50 Steem? Check it out here.
If you are interested in natural healing from herbalism to alt diets to mindfulness, and everything else in between, you might like to join Natural Medicine on Discord or consider delegating a little to support healing wisdoms on the Steem blockchain.
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I am happy you like it and that you taught me a new term. Ingestion. Thank you. :)
Yes, anarchy!

We are all being suppressed but the good thing is: Power can't be taken away from you, you can only decide to give it away. And obviously, we chose to take control of ourselves and don't let anybody else do the job. Happy I found this amazing group of people. :)

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Great topic! For the past couple of days I've been thinking of doing some posts on natural cosmetics and body care as well)) So seeing your video now is a sign that I was on the right track! Like a confirmation from the universe.

And guess what, just several days ago I decided to drop commercial shampoos and soaps completely. Even organic ones. I might buy handmade ones just for fun in the future (and to support natural handmade soap makers), but for now I'm trying out different types of home-made "shampoos" and it's exciting to watch how my hair transforms.

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I know. I usually change it. In this case, I had been working on this video for 12 hours and was too tired. :) But, wait, I just checked. I did change it. Look at the link to the challenge.
Or are we talking about different things?

sorry! this comment was meant for naturalmedicine.. looks like i messed up and sent it to you!

very cozy! nice video from a free spirit! gezellig.. maybe you are dutch ;-) This is how to do it! Love this down to earth presentation

I recently heard a good analogy to describe how everything our body uses is absorbed externally. We are like a donut with the hole and our centre is the digestive steem which starts at our mouths and discharges through our anus. We don't put anything into our bodies, it is absorbed through our skin and that skin lines our digestive system too. It's just a little different to what we see on the outside.

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