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You’ve been visited by @riverflows on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Yes! I think it's anarchic as well! Love that you are laying on your bed with a fat one. So cute. Yes, that's an interesting one isn't it - if you wouldn't ingest it, you shouldn't use it, and the skin ABSORBS and ingests the 'shit that the industry puts onto their products'. Sadly woman are indoctrinated to wear product to validate themselves. Choosing a natural option is definitely better! Omg you are hilarious - really!! Snails!! Rye flour and water for shampoo!!! I had no idea. Banana peels!! All with a kicking soundtrack and humour. Love it.

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I am happy you like it and that you taught me a new term. Ingestion. Thank you. :)
Yes, anarchy!

We are all being suppressed but the good thing is: Power can't be taken away from you, you can only decide to give it away. And obviously, we chose to take control of ourselves and don't let anybody else do the job. Happy I found this amazing group of people. :)

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