An Old Man's Lament (Original)

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The definition of Lament is “a passionate expression of grief or sorrow”. I watched a news story about a young soldier killed in Afghanistan and I thought about how hard it must be for his family to survive through something like that. How would life go on? Then I went to work and people there were complaining about how hot it was that day and how we needed rain. That was their suffering for that day.

An Old Man’s Lament

It ain’t suppose to rain around here till Friday,
Everybody’s talkin’ about the heat,
It tops the list of conversation starters,
At the little diner where I eat,

I finally got a job workin’ construction,
It’s only gonna last a month or two,
It ain’t much but hey at least it’s something,
And there ain’t that much a man my age can do,

Your Mama’s doing fine in California,
She never liked Ohio anyway,
The new guy that she lives with treats her real nice,
And he’s got some fancy job out in L.A.

Your Uncle Bobby says he’s feeling better,
Since he had that surgery last May,
The Doctor says he’s got to take it easy,
But he was ready to retire anyway,

I ran into your buddy Travis Carver,
He’s marrying some girl he met on line,
I don’t understand computer dating,
But I guess people do it all the time,

Little Tyler finally calls me Grandpap,
But I don’t get to talk to him that much,
Since his mother moved them back to Dallas,
It makes it kinda hard to stay in touch,

But every now and then she’ll send a picture,
Man that baby looks a lot like you,
He’s got that same old cowlick that you hated,
His hair is black and his eyes are crystal blue,

Well, it’s getting late I should get home to Rudy,
That old dog can really be a pain,
But he’s always there when I get lonely,
Yeah, that old dog helps keep this old man sane,

Remember Mrs. Thompson from the flower shop,
She always has a big smile and a wave,
She helped me pick out these pretty flowers,
That I’m gonna leave here on your grave,

It ain’t suppose to rain around here till Friday,
Everyone’s complaining about the heat.

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Greetings, marty

Very Nice, man!!! This song remember me the music of Jonny Cash called Hurt!!!

Have a good night

Thank you for watching and thank you for such a huge compliment. Hurt is an iconic song and for my little song to remind someone of that is big. Thank You.

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