Trying lines and filming scooter kids tricks / SkateVlog #12!!

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Good day everybody!

Welcome to another skatevlog! i have been trying to skate as much as I can every weekend and at the same time vlogging so that at least I can upload content on my channel. for now, all my content have been vlogs and less blogs. it is because i have been very busy on weekdays that I cannot squeeze in blog write ups.

For this Vlog I skated the park and tried some lines. did some tricks that I have been doing these past months. TJ filmed me this time, he was suppose do tricks also but he was not feeling it this day. So it was all me. hahaha. I skated with TJ from 3:00 pm up to 6:30 pm. I had to go home early because I have work the next day. i also filmed TJ's friends, what surprise me is the kid with the scooter. He was doing flatbar tricks on a scooter so I decided to film him. He was really good.

I hope you enjoy this little vlog. thanks for watching!

All clips are mine, I filmed this vlog on my GoProHero6. I edited it on the Videoleap App.


For more Skateboarding Content, Photographs, Videos, Skate Blogs and Vlogs please visit my profile at I also have travel blogs and other stuff there, enjoy!.

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These were some nice lines buddy and you said the skater's biggest lie, the "Last Try" one! I say it all the time! Hahahaha.
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Thanks @steemskate! Been a long time since i filmed and do lines so the “last try” really meant “i want this man, please film one more.” Hahahah. Good thing my friend Tj was down to film. Haha.

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Good stuff bro!
That halfcab flip was awesome!

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