Skateboarding Recollection #4: Skateboarding With Lorenz!!

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Good day Everybody!!

Another skateboarding recollection coming your way! In this entry, I would like to share with you some clips or b-sides as what they call it in the skateboarding world when me and Lorenz were filming each other for our Abu Dhabi homie skate video. We had a blast and great memories filming for the video and here are some. really great to look back at some 2 year old clips and thankful that we filmed it. hope you enjoy this entry!

Thank you very much for your time watching my video, I really appreciate it!

**The background music is not mine. it is a song by the Frankie Valli titled “Can't Take My Eyes Off You”.

Filmed on a GoProHero4 and I edited this myself on the iMovie app.

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Great vlog bro. Keep em coming.
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thanks man! more will definitely come!

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brother that place is incredible, the floor, the walls, those stairs all perfect.

thanks man! that's street skating in Abu Dhabi. eheh.