What Did YouTube Just Do?

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In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the latest decision by YouTube to further control what you will and will not see.

Jefferson Graham - YouTube to curb recommending videos

the article talked about - https://bit.ly/2BGA7wd

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Hate to point out the obvious, youtube is mainstream media.

This should be no surprise to anyone.

They also depend on ad revenue, the largest financial supporters of youtube also support all of the major mainstream media outlets.

Bottom line, its a business, and profit is king.

This is exactly why I'm now on steemit, dtube, and MeWe. I'm sick of Facebook, YouTube, and Patreon's censorship. Let people see the alternative opinion to everything and let them make up their own mind. The mainstream media is so used to the masses believing their every word that they really throw a fit when we point out the errors. Our corporate overlords and their Republican and Democrat lackies fear 1 thing; an educated population capable of critical thinking.

Praise YouTube, the holy grail.


Conspiracy videos, they can't win!

this is why i im in steemit now.. but i dont know about more

Time for the mass exodus from Youtube I think 💯🐒

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