Are We Losing Our Will To Empathize?

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on empathy, and the ability to empathize which has been going down drastically in the west. We go over scientific studies regarding happiness looking at the science of empathy. Exploring emotional intelligence especially in this social media day and age.

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I loved this video mate, this is a true issue...

Well, the psychopaths and narcissists that are found at the top of all pyramids have no warm empathy, and would like everyone to lose their empathy. And, they are really pulling out all the stops to get that to happen.

But, they are losing.


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I don't think we are losing are ability to emphasize as much as we are shifting that empathy towards the wrong things. In today's society everyone and every group wants to be a victim of something and compare themselves to great and worthy social justice movements of the past. The LBGT community wants to compare their plight the civil rights movement to be a victim, Black Lives Matter wants to compare modern day life to pre Civil War era Slavery so they can be a victim and muster baseless outrage etc. Hell what happened to the good old days when we really could take time the care about the things that mattered.. sick kids, helping your neighbor, hell just helping a friend. Sadly we have just been burned out by the constant media attention to the latest victim of something. I'm a boy, I feel like a girl, I wanna pee in the girls room but can't I'm a victim, feel my plight.. yada yada.. Its so tough to sort through the bullshit to find people or causes that really need help as they have come so diluted with fake causes clamoring for the empathy that should rightfully be theirs.


i think this provides the reason why people are doing what you see.

I think that there's a relationship between lack of empathy for others and the pinnacle of the 'self' that came about as a consequence of helicopter parenting and lack of community ties. We were raised to look out for ourselves first, learned that it's perfectly acceptable and normal not to befriend or even know your neighbors, and were told if we followed certain guidelines you would be 'taken care of' which often isn't the case.

At the same time there's a social hierarchy of disrespect and abuse that is deemed acceptable towards anyone in a lower financial standing, job type, or certain belief systems.

I love my parents, and I know raising humans is hard, messy and complicated. But the baby-boomer generation over protected and coddled their offspring, all the while telling us how good we have it, while also terrifying us about stranger danger and the increased crime and violence since their own childhoods.

Add that we have to worry about getting clean food (gyphostates are poison) and water, resistant super-bugs, the ocean loosing oxygen and possibly suffocating in plastic, inherited trauma, and the general economic and political state of the world, it's amazing we're not all depressed and addicted to opiates. . . oh wait . . .

That being said, it's empathy that brings us together and helps us overcome our own egos in order to collaborate on solutions. Sorry for the rant! I always enjoy WeAreChange, keep up the good work!

easy.. sadly we are, are a people a nation a world. nice insight =)

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Empathy is a powerful tool for connecting with the other person. We you listen well and you are empathetic you allow the other person to open up to you then you can find ways to serve the other person well.

Very well said! Thanks for discussing this issue.

I often fear that I am losing my ability to sympathize. I don't consider myself devoid of empathy. In fact, I am aware of my ability to love. I've simply just had it with people's b.s., dishonesty, back-stabbing, deceitfulness, attempts to guilt-trip me, and people mistaking my kindness for weakness. While I've become a little more cold-hearted, sometimes I think that is probably just a coping mechanism for me, but with it comes a lack of patience or tolerance for the shit that I have to put up with in this world.