You CAN reap what you sow, but only if you can get ploughed...Be afraid... be very afraid..

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When postmodernist feminists get exactly what they wished for....
And then complain about it...

And when men, who have been vilified and looked down upon for decades - get what they want...Lots of sex...and machines to play with, and both at the same time !!

Women often refer to us men as 'simple creatures' - and for good reason. We are.
We are in comparison to the female of the species at any rate.

And simple things with a problem, will generally require simple solutions to a fix problem.
Men are good at fixing things. And inventing things.

Simple does not mean stupid, stupid.

......And complex doesn't mean intelligent, either.

How many childless toxic feminists will be crying into their chardonnay, with only a handful of Prozac to keep them company, tonight?

How many more will there be in the next 2 decades?

Be careful what you wish for, girls.....

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Sheesh, what kind of women do you hang around?

I'm always baffled. The men I know are good guys, who might say some dumb things once in a while, but would nearly 100% help a woman in distress before hurting them.

Also, most the women I know actually like men.

Have you ever noticed all these crazy feminists and toxic males only seem to reside on TV and the Internet.

Maybe, they are just trying to make us hate each other.

Oh, I'm sure the aim is division...It's the only way marxism can work...there has to be class war of some kind...

I don't know any loony leftists...but then again, I run very fast when encountering the species...
(lefties, not women).

The problem is the old adage, 'tell a lie long enough and people will start to believe it..'

Thankfully, I'm too old to be hanging around young people's hangouts, so I can't honestly say how embedded this twisted philosophy is - but things like 'safe spaces' at universities, is indicative of the mental illness that must pervade these places. (and the young people, by extension).


....the blonde was quite tasty, though....lmao...

it works both ways. so you're a cannibal?

men w/ sex robots are same men w/ blow-up sex doll, those who enjoy NECROPHILIA & have ZERO social skills. CREEPS who Creep You Out.

you're right about one thing. Men are simple in comparison to women. Your bodies are more simple & you don't have all those E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S.

I've never used any myself, but I don't see as creepy. Strange , maybe.
Its a masturbation aid.
Girlies have had them for decades....
If they get attached to it, who am I to judge?

Necrophilia is not in the same ball park!
Not the same sport.
Not even in the same country.

far cry to compare vibrator to a Blade Runner World Sex Bot.

don't know any women who become ATTACHED to vibrators.

in real life, most women don't even have vibrators.

if any woman did form a RELATIONSHIP w/ vibrator or any other sex toy, I'd say same thing about her.

Yes, they are indeed trying to make us hate each other.

However, it is now, THE LAW.

She can cry rape, even after signing a form, making a video that she wanted to have sex.
She can get half your stuff (she gets the cash, you get the debt) even if she's signed a prenup.
She can have a man fired by just shedding some tears.

"Teach men not to rape" - 98% of men would never rape, because what they want is intimacy and female validation. Rape gives you neither. So, why is this slogan being thrown around?

"You have to believe her" - When all the big cases were proven that the woman lied. And studies have shown that in 50% of rape allegations, the women have lied (even more when the threat of a lie detector was used) And the number one reason for claiming rape is that the woman was caught cheating.

Lastly, PUAs (pick up artists) have pretty much given up. Many of them are reporting that american women are too toxic to even try now.

So, they may just be trying to make us hate each other, but the danger is real.

I've heard some of those lines and am not denying it could happen once in a while.

Yet, your drama infused description reminds me exactly of the feminists.

He will rape you with his eyes. Rape you with the wolf call.. Porn is more offensive to women that men... blah blah.

I would say just as 98 percent of men don't rape, 98 percent of women don't cry rape.

Be careful not to fall into the same trap of sounding like a triggered, whining, screaming drama queen. Because that is what your rant sounds like.

A snowflakey Righty screaming about how dramatic and reasonless the lefty are. :)

Most of us just don't fit the mold on either side. Fight the fighting for the sake of fighting crowd. :)

Unfortunately, this is not based on a few stories here and there, it is based on messages boards filled with real, and actual #MeToos against men.

Its like this... "98% of women would never go file divorce papers and cry rape to the court..."

The actual statistics are 50% of marriages end in divorce.
70% of divorces are filed by women.
50% of those cases the women accuses the man of sexual abuse.

That was from a person who works in those courts.
The numbers may be higher now.

Paternity tests are becoming a real thing now.

Lab technicians are saying that at least 1/4 of their tests show that the man is not the father.

Lab technicians in birthing hospitals show the same numbers. 1/4 of the children are not the fathers based on blood types.

And the statistics against men get worse.

But, speaking the other way, in The US women who were raped by a stranger was 23 in 100,000. Not even 1%. So, why the cry for #MeToo?

I'm not going to debate it, because by debating it, I give a voice which fuels the fire. I could respond with the stats and facts from the other side. However, I've never understand people who want to fight for their victimhood.

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toxic kitty cats.
(notice I refrained from saying the 'P' word?)

If they want any cuddling get a pet.
Cause no one else is gonna want em.

And feminists are REeeeeee-ing about sex dolls.

Its not like they haven't had sex toys and even sex robots (yes, full on robots for women that will thrust as long and as hard as they set the machine to) for decades.

Men make an advancement on inflatable dolls and its the end of the world.

Maybe it is the end of the world.
The real women, will be married, have children and then be left in a separate part of the house while the man enjoys himself with his silicone lover.
The "wife" will no longer be able to cry rape or abuse. His sex robot will tell the courts, "no, he was with me at that time".

So, no more control for women.
They will either have to accept the low paid jobs of raising children, or live on their own with cats.

The women have shot themselves sin the head with feminism, that's for sure...
(well they would do, if they didn't have gun issues)