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This video covers something people should know regarding Adam Kokesh’s recent video bashing Anarchapulco. Despite his spin, innuendo and deflection, this video proves the actual reason that Adam won’t be speaking at Anarchapulco, from an exchange that happened two months ago. (Jeff Berwick says that since this exchange, Adam hasn’t bothered to respond to him again.) Hopefully this will be the last damn video I have to do about this.

Here is my original video about the Kokesh campaign’s clandestine attempt to destroy Graham Smith:

Here is Patrick Smith’s more thorough, objective, polite video about the same evidence:

And here is Adam Kokesh’s recent video about Anarchapulco:


I have the evidence that Nathan paid everything owed. I personally accepted the money and put it into the campaign account. He's full of shit.

I didn't know anything about that, so thanks for mentioning it. I can't say it surprises me.

Whether or not there was foul play by Kokesh, this entire situation is exactly why I avoid helping people within the Cryptocurrency/libertarian community.. I'll just stick to those who I can trust instead of certain media influencers. Hell I barely trust Jeff Berwick and The Dollar Vigilante as a matter of fact.

The most support they'll get from me is social media upvotes and retweets. I would never directly fund them with my own money (like a Patreon Patron, or paying subscriber). This includes other influencers like Sargon of Akkad, That Guy T, etc... It really depends but I'm cautious of my own community.

Too much toxicity in the crypto-wildwest.

Wow, thanks for the heads up!!

Beef im amerikanischen libertäre Lager:

@adamkokesh wirft @jeff.berwick ihm noch 1000$ zu schulden. Außerdem hätte er ihn zu Unrecht von Anarchapulco ausgeladen.

Larken Rose behauptet nun, dass ein Teammitglied von Kokesh Gegner unter Druck gesetzt hat.

Interessant: Die Finanzierung von Kokesh im Jahr 2018 basierte zu großen Teilen aus Einnahmen durch Steem Token.

The interview didn't happen. Adam never reached back to me after whatever evidence was supposed to come out. Although Adam has helped me over the years there is just too much drama and bad business around him for me to want to continue to associate with him either. I was attempting to do my due diligence as a journalist but the interview never happened. Thanks for speaking up Larken

Thanks for weighing in and clarifying about the (non-existent) interview. Whether he ever intended to do that interview is anyone's guess. It's a classic politician move to talk about "all of the evidence coming out," just hoping people will "reserve judgment" until they FORGET about it, because there never was exculpatory evidence.

Would have been nice to not leave me hanging on that thread asking me if I blackmailed anyone, man. Glad to see people waking up, though, to this con artist. Who was making those assertions, about me, by the way?

Isn't the definition of hypocrisy when someone says they support anarchy while raising money to run for president? There's nothing wrong with calling out statism in anarchic clothing when we see it.

I got curious and had a quick check online - it looks like people realised Kokesh was a scam artist at least six years ago - I'm amazed people on Steemit cut him so much slack.

Nice T-shirt!

Thank you for sharing the details behind the "Kokesh boycott" from anarchopolco. A no-brainer choice on Jeff's part.
I just have one issue with all of this, and that is that I don't see the evidence that Ben, never mind Adam, ever hired anybody.
The evidence only proves that Ben was thinking about using this tactic.
In this video, you say that Adam, or the campaign, "hired" someone and at the end you say they "tried to hire" someone. There is a big difference in those two allegations.
I have tried to express my concerns with Graham, but he just calls me names and then downvotes me so that my comments get hidden.
Some of my live friends listen to what I have to say because I tell them where I see proof and where speculation is used. But here I would have to speculate to say that Adam is in the wrong. In my personal judgement I tend to agree with Graham's and your assessments, but only thru speculation. I have seen the screenshot and Patrick's video, and there is strong proof that the conversation in the screenshot actaully happened, but still I do not see any evidence that they actually hired some one.
I have been following this story since the beginning, and the plot only thickens, maybe I missed it, but I have yet to see the smoking gun that pins Ben or Adam to having moved forward with this aggressive plot. Thinking about doing something and actually doing it are two different things, I am sure you would agree, Again it could be true that he hired someone but one has to speculate, which I try to avoid whenever possible, especially when I share a story with others.
Can you point me to the evidence that would eliminate speculations about at least haven actually hired someone?
And please don't downvote me just because I am asking about and looking for more evidence.
Thank you for understanding and for all of what you have done to enlighten many of us.

The screen shots SHOW Ben hiring him, and checking up on things, and SHOWS the hacker beginning to do work on it, recon and research. The hacker then figured out they were going after someone whose only sin way expressing his opinions--however loudly and caustically. If, by analogy, a hitman decides not to follow through on killing someone, that doesn't make it okay that someone hired him to do it.

I see what you are saying. I will look at Patrick's video again while keeping this in mind. Thank you.

@jayem seems to be another Branch Kokeshian apologist. Following me around like fish excrement telling me I’m blowing things out of proportion. Am used to this sort of thing by now, but funny to see this character suddenly become logical and civil, when there’s some social capital at stake.

I was always being logical and civil. I am just trying to get to the bottom of this. No ill will towards you or Kokesh, Trying to be unbiased and most importantly, not speculate.
I have reviewed Patrick's video and gathering my thoughts on what I saw. See my comment above, a bit later than this.

Here is @jayem, “always being logical and civil”:



Thank you for bringing this up.
Yes, there is good logic to the points that I was making there and I could have elaborated more on this, but since Graham was downvoting me, I felt I was wasting my time, At one point I had asked him if he wanted me to continue with a point that did not add up on Graham's side, but was treated with insults and downvotes.

jayem, I gotta say, right now you don't look at all like you are trying to get to the bottom of anything. You look like you are trying to spin, obfuscate and confuse things, to make them look less bad for the Branch Kokeshians.

I was trying to make a point about an inconsistency that I was seeing, in the limited platform that Graham was giving me by downvoting and having limited RC. So being frustrated I elected to put together an opinion based on what I was seeing.
Not one of my best comments. But there is a point in my opinion that Graham was an irresponsible parent based on what he wanted me to believe. Thanks for the dialog.
BTW this is posted late because I had to wait for my RC to replenish, adding to my frustration.

Before today I have seen Partrick's video once and after maybe a month saw Marcus' video once.
And I would have to disagree with Marcus, Patrick's video was very well done in providing evidence without much, if any, conjection. He had some comment at the end that was his right and dty to say about his position on all of this.
Anyway, I came out of that with a conclsion that all that Ben did was to think about doing harm.

Upon seeing the video a second time with a more critical eye, I have to admit that there is evidence of more there than just thinking about it but at least the start an investigation when Ben said this;
"Alright, What do you need from me?"
So, I stand corrected, this is significant.. In my opinion, this is more than just casualy thinking of a bad deed, this is actaully moving in the direction a bad deed.
And one can assume that money probably changed hands. No one is going to start investigating without at least a downpaytment.
However, I do not see proof that it went beyond an investigation.
One could speclate that it did not go beyond this because of what infosec says when he/she submitted the list of bad deeds.
"Our goals would have been to cause you (harm)..."
Instead of this.
"Our goals was to cause you (harm)..."
Remember in the screenshot infosec says something in the effect that first they investigate then they figure ot a plan.
Anyway, just speclation here. Plausible denyablity! Something politicians like to have on their side.
Marcus, I know you have been following these comments from me. Can you explain the "Alright, What do you need from me?" statement? We would all rather hear from Adam on this but I'll take whatever you got to offer.
Anyway so there it is. I appreciate any constructive, negative or positive, comments.


It seems @kalfanarchy83 no longer exists, any ideas about how he has been wiped from the internet? He doesn't show up on google search or duckduckgo search. Nor is He on Discord, I used to be in contact with both Adam and Grahm. What is happening. He isn't on either.

Nevermind, found him its kafkanarchy84, not 83.

This has been on my mind quite a bit as I do respect Adam quite a lot for his activism against the state. It may be a case of how the ring of power inevitably can corrupt a person's principles. I still think Adam has a unique ability to speak with Americans to start questioning more about how unnecessary government is. This breakdown does shed more light on this drama that I wasn't aware of.

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Hopefully this will be the last damn video I have to do about this.

I took Adam at his word and gave him the benefit of the doubt until the video came out where he said he was going to run for office in Arizona.

That made everything he's said a lie. Yeah, haven't been able to watch a single video or read a single article about him since.

I believe in liberty, freedom to do as you please so it takes a lot to turn me but lie to me once and that's it. I have zero tolerance for it.

This is good to see. I like to see people valuing the responsibility of freedom. Thanks, my-man!

As a German Anarchist i dont mind that much. Didnt plan to go to Anarchapulco anyway.

As a Steemian I am pleased to see, that this debate takes place on (and about) Steemit.

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