The Encouraging Truth

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Let us not forget the movement towards freedom IS having a real effect on the world: this is the truth and the more we realize it the more we strengthen our power to actualize it.

A large part of cultural conditioning is the pessimistic, self-limiting belief systems that make us think we're powerless and so make us actualize our powerlessness. As we continue to manifest solutions in the world we shake off these dogmas and consciously create empowering perceptions that accelerate the paradigm shift of free humans.

Despite what we've been told, humans ARE capable of creating a better world and as we remember and affirm this high truth, it increasingly grows and manifests in the world as reality.

As we strengthen our faith in humanity, we strengthen the reality of freedom for humanity.

So despite the seductive illusion of despair, don't be afraid to have faith in yourself, in what you're creating, and in the future of mankind.

Thanks for listening. For more of my work check out my website:

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Thanks for the positive words I agree we need to have faith in what we do and create I realize that committing to something long term doesn’t mean seeing results all the time but a little encouragement through progress does help and when those points of progress seem few and far between you need someone to just pick you up and set you straight

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hello @ladyofliberty

Thanks for sharing your criteria

As you put it, the change of thought comes from the change of the conditioning factors, the stereotypes and the environment.

In this sense, how to identify what we should follow and not follow. What to copy and what not to copy. What to improve and what not to improve. In a world where technologies allow the globalization of knowledge. we are presented with a lot of information to analyze, and little time to invest.

How to filter and take what we need to achieve a balance?

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