Walk n' Talk // Discussing this week's most interesting posts while walking in the woods

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What's up people?

A nice and sunny afternoon is always combined with a nice outdoor activity.
This time I chose to take a walk at the forest with @illusivelf and my doggy Biggie.

I wanted to record a video today informing you about the most interesting and inspirational (by my opinion and taste ) posts that came to my attention this week so I decided to record my video at a super-beautiful and chill location instead of my living room.

Posts mentioned in my vlog

"Steemskate Round 5" contest

Nicolcron 's "Death Skateboards" DVD Giveaway

@Nathanmars Steem on Coinbase

@Dtube.forum Meeting in Barcelona

Bonus Post
@Enjoyinglife gets flagged?!?

Thank you all for watching my vlog and supporting me my friends.
Means a lot to me.
Have a great, productive and creative day.

Social media

Music : Thievery Corporation - Lebanese blonde
Edit : @Knowhow92


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He broooo thanks for the quick news and mentioning the @dtube.forum :) I am sure we will meet next year somewhere :P

Peace and much greetings to @illusivelf and biggie :)

Greetings @tibfox, I hope you have a great time in Barcelona and you definitely will!! We are super jealous heheh, enjoy your stay :)

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Thank you and yeah I bet I will have an awesome time with all these crazy peeps in that beauty of city 😀
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For sure bro.
I would love to meet you in person.
Much love and have a nice trip to Barcelona.
The city is AMAZING.

Thanks :) Have an awesome weekend mate!
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Hey @knowhow92, this is an amazing post with a lot of

  • inspiration
  • motivation and
  • creativity in it!

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Thank you @ddaily <3