Why Mainland China is Better Than Taiwan!

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Many of you might know the advantages Taiwan has over the Mainland, but have you heard any advantages the Mainland has over Taiwan? In this video I will highlight the most noticeable ones that I found whilst traveling in Taiwan after being in Mainland China for over 4 years.

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至于餐厅软件,其实他们只是比较分散,我觉得不那么中心化也是很不错的,美团和点评不一定那么好,Google map也够用,完全是个人习惯啦~哈哈哈!估计台湾部分人看到你的视频可能不那么开心~

Regarding pinyin. I understand this is a system then was formalized by the mainland Chinese government back in the 1940's and is now required learning for them (and therefor not really so much a Taiwanese thing). I think pinyin is usually how the Chinese characters are input/typed into phones and computers, correct? (It's the only way I know to do it anyways.)

I am trying to learn Chinese and I appreciate your posts and thoughts on the country and culture thanks!


You are correct. In order to type Chinese on computers/phones, you need to type it in pinyin. There are some older systems as well that predate pinyin.

Im happy to see you commenting here. Ive got more videos lined up that i think you will really like.

Thank you!

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The irony is, that this video is not viewable in China.

The most annoying aspect of life in China is all of the ways the government tries to control EVERYTHING and usually fails.

Internet censorship being the most obvious example.

I will agree that public transportation is simpler in the mainland, there are still large segments of the population that are uneducated and illiterate, they barely function in China, and when they travel, its often in a tour group.

Also, well maintained older infrastructure in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong, is more likely to be safer, and more reliable than experimental modern technology in China.


The internet situation is what bothers me the most. Id say the older generation needs the most amount of control or else nothing would get done here. I think in order for things to change, the citizens need to hold themselves partially responsible for solving problems. The government tries to control so much because the citizens rarely ever take action to solve societal problems themselves. They rely on the government to do everything for them similar to how children rely so much on their parents here.

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The "educated" population in China expects government to solve all social problems.

To be fair, its almost the same in every other large country, personal responsibility is becoming quite rare.

Internet censorship is a global problem, almost every major social media personality that goes against the establishment is being deplatformed.

Here is another recent example:

The China model of social control is being considered globally.

The scale of social change that is taking place in China, is unprecedented anywhere else in the world.

There are now indefinite term limits for the highest level government positions, social credit scores, real-time electronic tracking and surveillance systems.

Almost every multinational company has a strong presence in China, or will be forced to in the future.

It reminds me of the "Borg" on Star Trek.

"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated."

That's not the first time I've heard that Mainland China has better food (taste-wise and variety wise). Though I've heard there are a lot more foreign options.

As for convenience, Mainland China beats most countries I'd say. I wouldn't be surprised if it beat the world for convenience. I just returned home a month ago but during the end of my time there I was taking advantage of Meituan/Taobao. Getting your groceries delivered is a beaut!! Same goes for the public bike sharing system and payment systems.

The garbage can thing is exactly the same as Japan. They keep it spotlessly clean though. You're right there are a lot of garbage cans in Mainland China but unfortunately some people neglect to use them.


Shipping is super convenient in China. A nightmare in Canada. Nothing beats WeChat payments these days...

Taiwan was still clean despite the lack of trash cans. It was still super annoying nonetheless.

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Tks for video. China is a lovely place. You can have much better support than from any other coutries including personal protection, safety including food, air, water, products overall and Medical support, etc. Since FB, google, youtube, etc are evil, you will definitely feeling good as you cannot use them any more.


Im gonna have to disagree almost entirely with what you said but to each their own..

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Haha. I agree with you. read from opposite direction.

none of them is good...

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Have you been there?

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