GoodBye 2018 // I'll Always Remember Us This Way (Lady Gaga Cover)

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Hey There SteemVerse Friends,

Happy New Year!!! Wishing you and yours a Fabulous 2019.

I spent the last few hours with my family and framily (a friend who is like family). We hung out around the BBQ pit, eating and telling stories. Of years gone by, of friends long gone. Also of where we wanted to go and what we had yet to achieve.

Not necessarily resolutions per say, but just knowing that one day, we will have to "walk towards the light". There's no stopping that. So what are we going to do as we get closer. What the things we would like to experience. Some ideas, thoughts and feelings that needed to reach its full potential.

K who had been sitting quietly, just as we were about to leave asked if she could sing us a song. And no surprise there was a guitar, all tuned too, and ready to accompany her. She swallowed her nerves and went for it. It wasn't an easy song, Lady Gags's Remember Us This Way, but it was perfect to say good bye to the year.

I went home happy and contented. Gone are the days when I craved being part of the crowd. Swanky clubs, loud music, sweaty bodies, rowdy countdowns. Gone are the days of talking at the top of my voice to be heard over the ruckus of drunk strangers. Done is the need to hit benchmarks set by people who don't care either way.

2018 and especially the last few days, I just took a step back, and decided to figure out what 2019 was going to be about. Sometimes, you are so busy, doing doing doing, there is no space for allowing. And I took time to do that. Just a step back to look at a bigger picture. The whys, hows and whats....

I am all ready for 2019. How did you say good bye to 2018? Did you party hard, or did you chill?


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*I Truly Appreciate Your Time Here :)

Till We Meet Again Over Text, Pics, Videos, Maybe Even Coffee ....*

Live Life Loud & Steem On


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Awww she’s growing up so fast! She’s a young lady now and her voice has matured!

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Yes she is
Too fast
She gets upset when I call her a kid hahaha
As far as she is concerned she is an adult... too cute
Always tells her don't be too hasty to grow up... to enjoy every moment :D

I took 5 minutes to go out on the balcony and listen to a million fireworks I could not see, and hear people yelling Happy New Year. It was a very nice moment.

This might be the contest for you :)

~ Sharon @fitinfun on my son's account when I got to this :)

PS - Thank you for all your wonderful support and comments lately. I am so behind right now! BMI 21 is not fat fyi lol.


You see I ran off to the link and completely forgot to come back and finish sorry
Yes, and I got the SBI share... Thank you so much :D

Fire Works for the New Year is always great
Wait til Chinese New Year comes around :D

Happy New Year 🎉 🎉

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Thank you Joanne
Wishing you a fabulous one too :D

that’s awesome! She has a nice voice :) Happy New Year @kaerpediem


She will be happy to hear that :)
Thank you and a Boom Chakka Chakka Boom 2019 to you @bennettitalia
(you see I am going to keep going until you do it hahahaha)


And to you @kaerpediem! Lol yes I expect you too XD

Greetings, charming Kaerpediem

Great music. I do not think I've ever heard that one.

Happy New Year!!!


Hi there @julisavio :)
You have to watch A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
The song is on the soundtrack...
The songs are good, the movie is good :)

Thank you so much for dropping in

I slept at 11 hehehehe

because i worked all day on Spunkee Monkee - preparing for an amazing 2019!!!!

i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! its gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe

and all these people eating bbq on New Years Eve?!?!? i'm jealous ;)

your daughter is singing??? oh my gosh she is so gorgeous!!!!!! does she like being a dtube star?!?!? hehehehe ;)



Wow working through NYE...
I sense the Monkee Business is going to be worth the wait :)
Don't be jealous... you won't need to do extra steps to walk it off hahaha
Yeah, she likes singing and she has an account on steemit... but she is hardly on it...
And this year I am not pushing her because it is her exam year...
Thank you so much @dreemsteem.....

Happy new year. Truly, spending time with loved ones is the best way to celebrate new year..
very beautiful cover!

Happy new year!


Thank you so much @blind-spot
That is true... the only way to spend special occasions... with special people :D

Really sweet and happy 2019 my friend. Loving your fam more and more. Many blessings, eagle


Awwww... thank you <3

That is great you plan to make changes in 2019. Wish you the best on your adventure.


Just tweaking some here and there :D
Thank you @worldtraveller32 and wishing you an adventurous 2019 :)

How fun, Happy New Year @kaerpediem. Thanks for sharing. 💕


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A fabulous 2019 to you too Bruni 😁

I slept before the clock hit 12! Hahaha
Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is going to be great!!


YES!! It will be great :D
And I hope to get nights that I sleep before midnight tooooo :)


Manifest and you might get it! :D


on it :D

I Love to see spending last day of the year with family always. It means a lot. By the way i was eating pizza at the last moment, called my family to wish them that's all . nothing much..Happy new Year dear..



Simple always wins :)
Hope pizza is a favourite of yours :)
Thank you for dropping in :D

Happy new year by the way sis

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So late I am
So sorry
But never too late to wish you a wonderful New Year
Trust it has been treating you right so far :)


Hehe, so far so good. No worry sis. Wishes accepted well

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It's good to see you spending goid time with your family it was a cool week for me also i spent with the family

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Just the way it should be right
Special moments with special people
Fabulous 2019 to you and yours :D

Sorry I am very late getting to this ....

Great way to spend the end of the year. I did the same, surrounded by my family.


The best way to do it :)

Hello there from the Philippines. Happy New Year! What a lovely voice she has there. Very calm and soothing. Here's to 2019 not sure what is in store too but may all things go your way in 2019.


That's such a nice wish
Thank you so much @watersnake101
Here's to 2019 being fabulous for all on the SteemVerse :D

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Thank you @teammalaysia
Always appreciate the support :D

Great idea and plan my dear friend .

Happy New year


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Thank you @anikearn
A fabulous New Year to you too :D