I've Got A Question About Steem Engine....

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I wanna share my passion...

But also my frustration ;)

I hope you can help me out with a question that's been bothering me for a few weeks now....

What's the question?

Check out the video to find out....

I'm sending everyone @SteemBasicIncome for helping me out. An answer to my question gets you a free unit :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and thanks for watching!

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM

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Haha! How coincidental. I just wrote an article on how I am going mostly all in on #steemleo!

Shameless self-promotion :-)

Don't worry. I do still some time curating #ctp, but for my money #steemleo is where it's at. Partly because I have more passion and interest in investing than say #sportstalk #ctp etc. I also like to focus myself on one area to be more productive. If I don't, i just get distracted.

Why #steemleo?

-Investing is a hugely popular interest in the STEEM universe.
-People spend money to learn about, discuss, and brag/whine about investing.
-They are relatively new and at the beginning of their ramp-up.
-They are beginning to work on onboarding from outside of the STEEM community (something you seem to have a head start on).

#steemleo seems to have a well organized approach to their tribe:
-They create value for their token by burning and encouraging burning with their sinks. They appear to be actively looking for more and more ways to burn their tokens.
-They provide opportunity to earn LEO through SP delegation
-They provide opportunity to earn LEO through mining. You asked about favorites. This is my favorite part. I have a long-term risk-tolerant mindset. If I believe a project is going to be successful, I don't mind risking upfront to get large future delayed benefits.

I know you have many of these things in your tribe already and the ones you don't, you are working on. Since mining is my favorite I would focus on making that great if I ran a tribe. Burning miners. increasing the portion of coins that go to miners, etc. Hell, I might be an outlier though.

Really the big part is passion though. I think the best way to improve your investing is to focus like a laser beam on something you are passionate about. For me, that is investing. For you, that is probably your own tribe :-)

You could also possibly focus on somehow partnering with other tribes that you think are good or have passion about. Trade mutually beneficial value back and forth. I don't have any bright suggestions but surely there is a way to leverage your tribe to the benefit of another tribe and benefit yourself!

i’m a huge fan of leo! thanks for this. i’ll dive into tour post for sure.

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Is SteemLeo better than Palnet (PALcoin)?
As I have seen it so far, most of the people are interested in Palnet (PALcoin), and not in SteemLeo, but maybe the situation has been changed recently.


If one is interested in investing as a niche topic, yes!! If not then, maybe?

I guess you could argue that money-wise and attention wise #palnet wins. For now. I happen to believe that the niche tribes may be a better investment in the long term simply because of the passion/focus. People with passion about a topic are more likely to stay involved, more likely to keep their stake on dips, and more likely to really work hard to improve their tribe.

Skin in the game is important. Skin in the game PLUS passion can create home runs. IMHO

Passion leads to good things :-)

Great question Epic Token epc has given me the best return on investment so far, I get Received 0.985 STEEM from epicdice about every 24 hours. Second I am into sportstalk heavy, as well as oh yeah I am not supposed to say ctp but I have to as I am heavily invested in it. The other ones are JAHM Token I think they have a great team behind that token, palcoin and Leo token. Those are my best ones (this is NOT investment advice) I am into. Hope that helps

i’ll have to talk to you more about that. i like passive stuff lol

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I tried to place some comments in Dtube but it doesn't work properly...

no worries man. seems to be a little hiccup with comments. saw this happen this week with other steemians.

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Great question. Alot of great tribes. I do like SteemLeo, ofc I'm bias TUNES too!
I'm going to investigate CTP more now. So many tribes!

awesome. thanks for the recommendations. i like the tunes project for sure.

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I am so paying attention to the comments & replies. I'm a newbie & have much to learn. (takes out paper & pen to write down notes)

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awesome!!! you are crushing it. thanks for all your hard work.

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If I'm looking to invest into a token on steem-engine I would suggest buying alpha or beta token.
Both tokens are linked to splinterland packs and can be exchanged into such packs. The supply of these packs is limited and on steem engine you can really buy these packs at best price.

Since the packs are linked to dollar they are not subject to falling steem prices. About a month ago an alpha token could be bough for 7 steem. Now you need around 18 steem to buy one!

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yeah i’m so out of the loop with splinter lands. feels like i need to go to school just to figure it out lol

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Love daily exercise for healthy life with Actifit @actifit ♥ SPORTS ZZAN is @bluengel best investments to Steem-engine tokens ! :) 💙 ♬♬

especially ZZAN 💙 is the best with ZZANM

also SCT for lots of information of coins !

have a great day !

subscribed again ! :)

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thanks. i’ll look into those.

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I love both palnet, Leo, zzan. I stake mostly of my tokens in steem.engine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts @jongolson and @dcontest. Have a great day and keep on steeming.

for sure. yup. big big fan of leo.

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I would invest on something that would make my life easier on both STEEM and for STEEM Engine tokens. My most focus is on analysis tools and alerts from whatever happens on the blockchain. Ability to set triggers and AI rules that provide me with valuable info.

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yeah for sure. eng is the lifeblood of engine. might dive more into those.

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I suppose that my investments are not THE BEST one at the moment, but I try to stake tokens in tribes that I'm writing about... But, maybe that is not so important thing as most of the tribes have 50%-50% ratio...

So, I'm using SPT and BATTLE for my SteemMonsters posts, AAA token for my movie/trailers posts, PAL for everything... :) and CTP and LEO for investments, marketing stuff...

And... Suggestions for CTP... hmmm... The problem which all have is the circulating supply of certain tokens... Lately, I see that a lot of tokens have done the thing that when you claim your tokens, they are not all liquid... I don't find that as a good solution in the long run... It's just a temporary fix...

Tokens burn is another solution, but you have to find a way of doing it... Maybe some kind of BidBot... I know... nobody likes them...

Maybe you should organize a few stream sessions with CTP Improvements as a topic... I know that there are a lot of wise people out there with awesome ideas.. ;)

yeah. i am going to be putting a lot of work into burning tokens this week. and look for sinks. all new territory for me.

and the only reason i invested in spt was to upvote you lolololol

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...and I appeciate that! :)

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