Have You EVER Seen A Chicken EGG With NO SHELL?

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Ok. So this crazy thing happened. When I was cleaning my chicken space in my backyard, one of the chickens was in process of laying and for the first time I have actually experienced the egg falling out of the chicken which was pretty cool since I had no idea that they stand up when the egg is ready to come out, since I thought all this time that the eggs comes out while the chickens just lay in the nest, since I only have seen the chickens laying there.

Right after I was going to pick it up because another chicken wanted to go in the nest. The egg looked pretty weird since it almost looked transparent and when I touched to to grab it, it was soft, which felt pretty gross since it was soft.

I didn't pick it up since I thought it will break so I went to get a bowl and a rolled it in it.
It was very strange to me, since it didn't have the shell on it and it also looked like there was no yolk, just the egg white.

Well, I was not sure if the egg was good or eatable, but we boiled it anyway to see what happens and to our surprise, the egg was absolutely delicious.

Hope that you will enjoy this short video and would love to hear from you if you have ever experienced anything like that and wish you all a wonderful Tuesday.

Love @joalvarez.

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Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife.

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That chicken might have calcium deficiency, it is a common symptom for eggs to come out without shell.
Try put some sand or crushed egg shells near their food.


Thank you so much @electroscience for sharing your knowledge with me. I really appreciate it.
I usually give them crushed egg shells and they are surrounded by the sand and day before she had a good egg and the next day this came out.
I also have heard that it might also happen when the chicken is old.
Now I just have to watch her more and add some more egg shells, like you said.

For an immediate solution, buy Ca and mineral supplement for chickens. With eggshells could be risky sometimes. Chicken can start crushing their own eggs when they need minerals.