Introduceyourself; I'm jessy lee

in #dtubelast year

Hello all steemian's and dtuber's
I'm jessy lee from Vietnam.
this my first dtube video.

How to introduce yourself excellent 😍😍😍😍

☘️ Even when I was a first-year college student I knew that introducing myself in English is extremely important for special students who want to apply for a job that impresses employers
👉👉👉 This is a rehearsal video when your 3rd year of college
A bit of banana muscle, but it looks good: v: v
Do you want to introduce yourself in good English, attractive, inbox, I will add you to an English learning group to be introduced yourself and learn useful knowledge about English 😛😛

my facebook video link here

Thanks for see my dtube post

▶️ DTube

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Hi, I think I saw your friend earlier doing a daily English challenge !
I think you will be good in commerce ! Your English is good and can only get better. Keep it up and welcome to steemit.

So this video was an old one ? So you English should be better now 😬

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Hi Jessy! Happy Friday from the United States.

Nice video @jidan and welcome to steemit. Keep posting good video and engaging with the community, consistent is the key. Cheers.

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Welcome to Steemit, I will be following you and upvote you whenever I'm online and you post!

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Hello @jidan

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Chao em, you are cute, good video, dep dep, toi yeu viet nam.

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