Never Regret a Trade Again!

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How do we never regret a trade again when we lose money, miss a cryptocurrency pumping, and sell our Bitcoin or altcoins early on Coinbase, Bittrex, Bitstamp or Poloniex?

The trick is realizing that as long as we are playing any game in life, losing is certain and winning happens more often when we learn from our mistakes, which eliminates the need to regret them.

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Will we see how to never regret a trade again because this is something we have complete control over?

If we are trading anything, cryptocurrencies or stocks, we will certainly lose trades no matter what we are doing, no matter how perfect our system is. If you give us a long enough time, if we make enough trades we will lose, and losing is guaranteed in the game of life if we are trying. We could argue that if we are not trying, like in dating if we are not even asking anyone out or trying to date, it's also losing.

In trading, we are guaranteed to make mistakes. We are guaranteed to take losses and I've taken some epic losses, which I will show right here. I've made some epic mistakes. I've lost unbelievable trades and yet I don't regret them today.

I'm here with you sharing how we don't ever have to regret a trade again and the key is that we don't need to avoid losing, what we need to do is go forward without regret. When we regret our trades then that sucks.

Some people have suggested that they couldn't live with themselves if they lost trades as bad as I've lost them. What I have is a life free of regrets today. I'm very grateful for where I am and that's critical, especially in cryptocurrency trading where there are so many huge opportunities that get missed, where there are so many trades that look like a winner at the time, and then seem like a big loser looking back on them.

Would you like to take a look at mine because this is an awesome example?

I'm the "sold my Dash masternode guy."

I bought 1,000 Dash and got a masternode for about $11,000 a year ago, it was in December 2016.

If we look back at the charts on Bittrex we can see that in December 2016 the price was around 0.04 or 0.03 for a Dash.

Now, at the time it was only about $1,000 for a Bitcoin.

So, I got a thousand Dash a year ago for $11,000, and then promoted it relentlessly. As the price continued to go up and up, we can see that the price spiked to 0.1 up here, meanwhile the Bitcoin price kept going up as well.

In April to May 2017, the price was $87 for one Dash. I had paid $11 per Dash and I sold at $87. I figured the price went way up, it looked like it was on a downtrend, I might as well sell and go into something better.

I didn't feel welcome in the Dash community. I felt attracted to go join another community, which is Steem.

Now, how could I have known in May 2017 that not only would the Dash price relative to Bitcoin go up almost 50%, but the Bitcoin price would go up 10 more times?

The price was already up eight times since I bought it and at the time it looked like a huge winner. When I made the trade it looked like buy at $11 and sell at $87.

Huge win, right?

Well, let's look at the Dash price today.

The price today is $984 for a Dash.

I bought at $11 and sold at $87.

That is a gigantic loss!

Now, of course, in a year Dash could be worthless or it could be worth ten times more and we could make a different judgment, and that's the key to never regretting losing or even winning a trade, but not winning big enough.

The weirdest thing is even if we win a trade, because almost anyone will argue buying at $11 and selling at $87 is winning, but if the price then went up to $980, we could argue really that's losing.

You sold out at $87, it went up to $980, that's like worse than having bought it high and sold it low, you might argue.

The key is I do not regret this transaction today because I have enough money. Yes, if I had held on to that Dash masternode I would have, with the payments, over a million dollars' worth of Dash today.

I started out buying a few $20, $50 or $100 a day of Bitcoin in 2015 and 2016. I had personal loans, I was over my head in debt, my business almost went bankrupt and I barely got together $11,000 to buy a Dash masternode. I sold that for $87,000 a few months later, and yes, that could theoretically be worth a million dollars today.

I am lucky to have any money at all in my position. I'm lucky to have a business at all. I'm lucky to be able to work from home. I'm very grateful for that. You see the key is when we start regretting all these losses it makes it hard to learn from them and appreciate everything that we have.

I don't go around every day thinking, "Man, I wish I hadn't sold that Dash masternode," because that's insane. It's like wishing I hadn't broken up with a girlfriend before, and then she's with someone new. It's over with. It's done. The question is, what do we learn from that?

I learned a very valuable lesson from selling my Dash masternode. I sold my thousand Dash before I fully realized all of the rewards from the work I did.

In farming terms, I planted a bunch of seed and as soon as a couple of sprouts came up, I yanked them out of the ground, ran off and said, "Look, I grew something."

I didn't sit there and fully cultivate the garden and take the full reward from it. I didn't yield the full harvest from all the crops.

I learned a very valuable lesson that helped me not do it again, because the problem is, a lot of us get stuck in these cycles where all we do is regret our losses, and our minds are wired that losses and negative things are more important than wins.

Most of us, if we are trading, we can win ten times and the one time we lose will mentally affect us more. So, yes, it's really attractive to try to learn systems to minimize losses because losses are potent, but that's not how life works.

Playing the game guarantees to lose. There's none of us that just go around and all I do is win, win and win, no matter what.

That's a lie!

No one wins no matter what.

Winners that we think of as winners lose and don't regret it. Winners go through losses and learn from those losses. Michael Jordan got dropped from one of his earlier basketball teams in high school or maybe it was College.

Now, can you imagine Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, got dropped from a basketball team?

If he had not learned from that cut, he would never have got to be an NBA legend. The same thing goes for us. We have to lose because losing teaches us our most valuable lessons.

Here's what I almost did again, I almost made the same mistake.

Now, I'm not saying that we won't make mistakes, but we don't have to regret the mistakes.

What I did, I got into Dash, promoted it for four or five months, and then sold it. Some would call that a pump and dump. I bought something, pumped it a bunch, then dumped it after it went up.

I almost did the same thing again with Steem. After about five or six months on Steem, I got a bunch of downvotes, a bunch of nasty and critical comments. The price went down. I was feeling real bad about my Steem investment, just like after a few months in the Dash community, all the same kinds of things happened.

This is called the dip.

In almost anything we are doing, if we are trading, everything might go well for a while, but then the whole market will go down. We will lose a bunch of trades all of a sudden. A dip will come in and that will test our faith, and when my faith got tested on Steem, I realized that I could sell out all my Steem and take a hundred thousand dollars out of my Steem, which was mostly in addition to that Dash masternode.

I was a guy who'd been almost broke a couple of years before, and all of a sudden could cash in on almost $200,000 of cryptocurrency profits in one year.

But I remembered, I sold my Dash masternode before I fully realized the profits and I got out of the community right when the community was testing my faith. The community was seeing if I was just there for my own self-interest or if I was there to do some real good and I pulled out confirming self-interest.

This mistake helped me not to do the same thing, to do something different with Steem, to stick with Steem when it got difficult. I was able to not make the same mistake again with Steem and guess what?

Now, I have 100,000 Steem today.

The Steem price just recently pumped up to $3.61. I bought most of all my Steem around a dollar and I put maybe ten, fifteen or twenty thousand into Steem from the Dash I sold.

I now have, and this is actually low on Steemit, but I now have over $350,000 worth of Steem today, even though I missed out on my Dash masternode.

I still had over $300,000 in holdings on the day I filmed the video for this and now over $500,000 today!

Isn't that enough?

Do I need a million dollars?

Isn't $350,000 or $500,000 enough?

Just two years ago, I had no retirement.

I had nothing.

I mean, maybe I had a couple of thousand or something in stocks, but practically I had no retirement.

I had no investments.

I had nothing, but debt before.

For the first time, I think today since I've been an adult, my family has more investments and money than debt.

That is a miracle!

That's why I don't need to and I choose not to regret things like selling my Dash masternode, because yes, sure, if I hadn't sold it I could have a million dollars today.

But I do have $360,000+ worth of Steem today.

Isn't that enough?

And sure, if Steem plummets and goes down to five cents and I lose everything in there, then you could look at it and say, “Well, you should have powered down and sold all your Steem before it went down.”

The thing is life throws wins and losses at us all the time. If we want to be happy, if we want to learn, if we want to grow, if we do want to win - win - win no matter what, if we don't ever want to lose a trade, the secret is we have got to go forward and every loss, every mistake is an opportunity to learn. It's an opportunity to grow. It’s an opportunity to not make the same mistake again, and when we get good at learning from our own mistakes, then we can learn from others.

In fact, you don't even have to sell your Dash masternode early, you can just look at what I did and not even have to make the same mistake once for yourself. That's when we get into a whole other level with it. What I hope I've shared in here is a very clear system to never regret losing a trade or any kind of thing in life that's similar to losing a trade because it sucks to live a life full of regrets.

I don't know anyone who lives a life full of regrets that I would want to live that life. I've had a lot of my life lived in regrets: one bad business decision, one bad relationship decision, one bad drinking decision after another, and today I don't have regrets because every mistake I've made is a valuable education.

The worst disaster I had in dating was my best teacher. I learned so much from that, that now I'm grateful I have the best relationship of my life, I have a family, I have an absolutely amazing life today that would be full of regrets if I chose to look at it that way.

Whether we have regrets or teachers in our past is a choice.

I do not regret, and I've said this with a straight face, I've looked straight into the camera and you can tell if I'm telling the truth: "I do not regret selling my Dash masternode for $87 when it's worth $980 today."

I choose to learn and grow from that. I choose to accept the past and use the past to educate what I do today, and I have a belief that what I have today is enough.

$360,000 worth of Steem or $288,000 according to this, which is a little out of date, that's enough today. I don't have to regret anything in the past when what I have is enough today.

Yes, $360,000 is not $980,000, that's true.

Is $360,000 enough?


If all this disappeared overnight, would I still have a good enough life?

Absolutely, I would.

Someone would feed me and take care of me, and I would help others, one way or another.

Thank you very much for reading this post or watching the video below today because these are the huge lessons in life that are so helpful for enjoying our day-to-day existence.

I did regret selling my Dash for a little while, and thankfully I learned how to stop doing that.

I've shared that with you today.

If you found this helpful, would you please leave a like on the video below because that will help more of us find this and learn this incredible valuable lesson throughout all of our lives not just when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, but relationships, business decisions, where we live, our families, everything like that.

Thank you for reading.

I love you.

You are awesome and I hope you have a wonderful day today free from regrets.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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hi @ jerrybanfield i just use your bot when you give me to vote it was 2.6 and now it changes to 1.93 why this is happening?

The easiest way to not regret a trade is to trade for STEEM!

mo money mo problems

Compare to DASH, STEEM is not only a coin, but also an asset class that powers many popular DApps. With SMT launch it will power many media companies, therefore, in the long run, STEEM price will increase not due to speculation but due to utilization and functionalities. I believe lots top coin will loose market value because they are competing for same niche for example, all privacy coins- DASH, XMR, BCN, ZCash, PIVX, VERGE, BitcoinDark, Zcoin. Do we really need 10 ore more coins for same purpose. STEEM is unique and has almost no competitor.

I am send 0.50 sbd 4 day ago but you not upvote me this post-

that's really awesome mindset @jerrybanfield

Unlike Dash, Steemit is not all about money, Steemit is primarily a medium where you can write , read content, make contacts all over the world and at the same time earn decent money, which will give you satisfaction and peace of mind. Price of Steem no longer affect those who trust the platform.


Exactly which is why I was attracted to our community and I only am able to be here because I had no where else to be before I joined!


Don't ever think or regret about Dash master node... You have found the best platform now!

Thanks. That's a bank balance: =) super that you handle it so openly.

There were lot of times for me like the one you experienced with Dash Masternode and I have shrugged it off calling it Opportunity Loss because it is not an actual loss beared on an investment. However, we will be able to jump into a different opportunity after we let go of one we just sold. I think you are better off by selling the Dash Masternode as monetary value is not the only important factor of our life but also recognition, achievement and whatever comes according to Maslow's Pyramid of Human Needs. I guess you have achieved that after being actively involved in Steemit Community.

P.S. I guess I am also in progress of achievement of higher needs after I joined Steemit and taken up art!

Regarding your gratitude about working from home...that is one of my biggest and most important goals in life. Corporate America is a relentless wasteland full of snakes and cut throats who will throw anyone under a bus to further their own careers. And these are people known as the management.

I’m really pleased I got so much steem around $1 last fall and am hoping that will be part of my ticket out of my current working conditions.


Preach!!! Everyone is always looking out for themselves it seems and not for the good of the people.... this is why steemit is such an amazing place!! we can escape all of that BS and nonsense by being here, in this very moment, and into the bright and boundless future of steemit, as a whole.... RESPECT from @conradsuperb

Keep your head up and learn from your mistakes!

I couldn't have said it any better, my friend! Most of us experienced crypto traders have experienced very similar things and you nailed it with your explanation and real life examples. At the beginning, I had very hard time getting over all these losses or potential gains but as time went buy I sort of felt as you are now. Great post as always mate! :)

I love your views, recently I feel stupid..... I bought so many coins and now they are all in RED!!!!
I wonder what will happen next, hopefully something good

I learned that I need to be patient and let my investment seeds of crypto sprout :)

Great. I have to read this post. Thank you for sharing

Everyday there is lots of very profitable trades you are missing....unfortunately all humans tend to regret chances not taken more than they are thankful for profits they make. You should not regret mistakes but learning from them.

I'm the "sold my Dash masternode guy.

I'm the "sold my Litecoin at $5 guy.
But also:
I'm the bought my EOS at $0.50 guy.

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I'm a big fan Jerry. Love your attitude to life and also your delivery in the videos. Your stuff always makes me smile dude.

Very well said. Lesson learned.
The power of HODL is more than everything in crypto market but till you not stumble, you can't learn well. so sometime stumble do great work in life. It's helps to learn better, which you can't forget in whole life.

I read these and think I wish I had more to invest and then I see that i leave it like a collection or stock for years and the gain may be small or may be huge. Sure its a gamble like any investment but I like the idea to buy low sell high. I think this may help me look at some of the trending options and invest small just to have the investments. Selling I know will end up only being when I need it or trading the investment for more gain. Hopefully at that time I will have invested enough into things that it wont be a big deal to trade small amounts and leave larger amounts still invested.

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Amazing blog as usual,

Thanks :)

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Once I made a trade in which I paid a prostitute 10 euros on the road to do something that took 10 minutes....I regretted the trade because she had 2 friends that hitted me with a stick and stole me everything I had.


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Really good post. I'm just starting to learn about crypto currencies. This is a great help.

Lovely article by Jerry !!!

I can say that you are absolutely right in your reasoning!
I have been trading for more than 7 years. The main rule of the trader - Never be sorry about the missed opportunities! This is a very big mistake !!!

When a trader begins to think like this, he closes in himself and makes many mistakes. which leads to a loss of money!

Do not be regret! The market will give even more opportunities for earning.

You're saying that you sold Dash for $ 87. You did х8 at the same time. This is a very good result. Many traders will support me! Every experienced trader will confirm that any plus is a good result: earnings + 10% or + 800% - it's already good!

In trading, psychology is the most important thing !!! You need to follow your strategy and your predictions!

Keep it up, my dear friend! Never give up. We must always go forward.

P.S. Every trader in life has a moment when he considers himself to be the smartest. And what's more, he is smarter than the market :))) This is not at all! The market always rstavit all in their places!

Thank you for the article!!!

You are one of the few hardworking person on Steemit. Good luck.

Good one!!!!!!!!

you should do the best you can with what you know...and what has to come will's with God, not with should not be comparing yourself to others...that is useless

Wise saying indeed. Could be the key to life sitself.

The trick is realizing that as long as we are playing any game in life, losing is certain and winning happens more often when we learn from our mistakes, which eliminates the need to regret them.

Hey @jerrybanfield you doing well in this field 😊

Hello @jerrybanfield .
nice inspiring post that is very building.
I remember one word: why we fell because to wake up again.
essentially never give up before it works.
Success is always for all steemit players.

Great post. You are right nothing in life is garenteed but you also cannot win if you do not play

Thank you for sharing this information and encouraging us to strive through the dip. I'll like you to throw more emphasis on other cryptocurrencies and how well can we play the game to manage our wins and loss.

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I am your new follower in dtube.

very interesting post Jerry. I remember reading about you selling your Dash early on and thinking that it was a shame, but I am very glad that you are doing well now.

I have been in cryptos for a good while now and find them fascinating. I work in creating online courses, consulting start-up businesses, consulting icos and am slowly learning blockchain programming in order to build my own decentralised platforms.

I think that the key to succeeding and doing well in cryptos is to persevere and keep working, as well as making smart investments and analysing the long term opportunity of different cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for the great post and I'll be following your posts day by day!

We loose ..We win..that is the motto of crypto-currency for me.....One can't loose for ever neither can one win forever...Risk is worth taking the aftermath is the main deal, that one can regret it or one will be happy they took the risk..It felt good reading your post today...God bless..

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@triptybarsha thank you for noticing on DTube!

Buenas poco a poco vamos involucrando todo ese potencial, en nuestro potencial, excelente trabajo sin duda.

"I don't know anyone who lives a life full of regrets that I would want to live that life."
I truly enjoyed this post. Thank you.

Really, @jerrybanfield , i knew steemit because of you, and because of you, i learned crypto faster and better than anything i remember before. Thank you!

wow Jerry, quite amazing! I am a stay at home mom in South Africa and our currency is so low here. I managed to buy 100 dollars of a few different coins and I am seeing already some returns! Yes, greed should not overtake us, yet abundance feels so good!

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I think we should learn from your video. We shouldn't regret the trade. Awesome video by you:)

You are really amazing, I learned a lot from you on youtube and as well. Your every single video tutorial is a complete knowledge pack on any top.

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How do you know death is the ultimate loss? Maybe it's the ultimate win? No one knows :)

Valuable lessons @jerrybanfield. We learn from our past mistakes. No better way to learn than from falling and standing up again without losing determination.

And with the investments you mentioned, I can say you are on the right path.

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Great Post @jerrybanfield I'm here only because of you, here i'd like to share my regret theory. :p
One of the roots of dissatisfaction is REGRET.
well there are possibly 2 types of trade regrets which everyone face.

1:- The first one is regretting that you actually followed your plan.

2:- The other one is regrets that typically show up when you fail to follow your plan.

P.S - Stop Regretting And Start Investing Again. :p

awesome post Resteem you

This is what excites me bout this investing into crypto. Hey you never know which will take off or which will fail. Its the chance worth taking therefore can be no regrets. Not to mention you can get started just by participating on steem! RESPECT

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Great video! You are right, we must be brave. If you are scary to try, then you losing 100%!

Loosing will definitely be a certainty, but if you learn to limit that certainty you will be able to become profitable in the long term. Don't be afraid to close losing trades, its better than letting them turn into a nasty wound.

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You really are an expert. Greetings from Venezuela

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Noooooo damn that sucks Jerry, Well who would have know it will be worth 1 mil today but all we can do at this point is move on and stay happy with not being in the RED or that you lost $11,000

This isn't (completely) related to this post..
But my friends and I (them much longer than I) have followed you on here and read your posts consistently and it never disappoints.
You're always sharing or spreading some knowledge or some positivity to the community or attempting to help another fellow human being.

I am proud to say that you've got my witness vote @jerrybanfield . :)

Keep up the great work and keep on steeming!!
You're an asset to the community for sure!

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-- Evan

Great video man, and great points about being grateful for your wins and not regretting holding out longer for bigger gains.

very good information friend thank you for sharing your knowledge you are very right ..

We could argue that if we are not trying, like in dating if we are not even asking anyone out or trying to date, it's also losing.

I think being mindful of a need to ‘try’ is more valuable/responsible/energizing than blindly grasping at straws without a clear reason why.

Many people ‘date’ to “feel” loved; but, love starts with self; and many people aren't in that good place from the start; thus why so many people ‘lose’ at love. They’re trying to receive this force from an external plane, without having it to send out from within.

every mistake I've made is a valuable education.

Indeed! The losses begin to rack up as regret only when one insists on applying the “law of insanity”.

Someone would feed me and take care of me, and I would help others, one way or another.

While likely; I think most would agree that it’s a lot better to be the on the giving end. It's far more uplifting and empowering to offer a hand, than to receive a handout.

As a novice to crypto, I can confer that it, and especially the Steem platforms, truly reflect miraculous; and, are a clear reminder of how God can take a tiny little seed with the potential to yield a bushel of tomatoes. But, an important thing to note is, the seed does nothing without the effort to plant and nurture it...similar to life.

Thanks for this inspirational post!


very exciting

very exciting

There is no point in regretting about something when trading something so volatile as cryptocurrencies. It is next to impossible to predict their tomorrow rates, not to mention the price of a coin in a year time.

@jerrybanfield Once again you made a wonderful post. Your insight and passion is always appreciated. Thank you so much. I invite you and all who read this to come stop by and join a contest I am doing called "Together We Build" it is a wonderful way to help others and help them expand on Steemit. Thank you

That whole cryptocurrency thingy still feels very mysterious to me but I am very excited for it!

good advise :) we should learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves

Thanks for the perspective and the eagerness to keep on going without regret. This is an exciting time and we can't let it get to us, just enjoy the ride.

always finding myself kicking myself in the a$$ after some trades.... I need not to panic and enjoy the profits that I DID make, not the ones I MISSED out on!! thanks for your words of wisdom, they were of much benefit to me :-)

When Cryptocurrency start growing everyone investing in it. when it going down so every one feel disappointed but cryptocurrency is game which you will play it with risk u will mentally prepare ur self for loss or succes but if u hold cryptocurrency for a while it will definitely give you Best earning....

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