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RE: DTube 0.3: This update contains so many new features I could not find a good title for it

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I totally agree with you, and this is the type of issues that make me feel bad right now. The upload process uses the js-ipfs-api package and there's not every option in it yet, such as a way to know the progress of the upload.

I wanted the progress bar in the launch but it wasn't possible. Now it's clearly the #1 issue and solving it will make me redo the whole upload page. But OK, gonna work on it now :D


Hey, we're working on getting the progress info added to the js-ipfs-api package. I'll poke around and make sure it happens asap.

Hey man, welcome on steem! Enjoy your stay here and get my upvote, you deserve so much more than that for your IPFS work!

How much would it cost for my own version of DTube? With my branding, etc?

Sadly that's one thing I am trying to avoid, so the price would be ridiculously high.

The last thing I want for the DTube concept is to end up in the hands of marketers. I believe while we need to grow it in terms of features and basically increase the quality up to a point where we get enough contents and youtube users consider switching regularly, so developers shall remain in control of the project for a bit.

However when it reaches this point and ads have to become an additional monetization feature, marketers will have to take power for the leader in this market to beat YouTube.

please one day if you will reply to me also, please make sure who I am. I have about 300 youtube subscribers and .....vies and .... :)))) lol

I guess you don't know who he is? Almost 4 billion video views on YouTube with over 13,000,000 subs between his two channels... Also check out @skydoesminecraft

Either that, or I'd rather just be honest.

honesty for the win!

that would be top awesome!! at the moment i am uploading my first video here and only God knows if it is still working or it is frozen :))))

When would #dtube videos become embed-able on Steemit and everywhere?

The dtube embedding instruction above did not work. it says it's invalid/unsupported.

What he said

What they all said

Yay, thank you @heimindanger. I'm sorry to rumble around here but you need to make some noise to get heard. Sorry that you have to redo the entire page.

I am looking forward to upload Steemy Episodes to DTube again.

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