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RE: DTube 0.3: This update contains so many new features I could not find a good title for it

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Great that you are improving the website. I love DTube and it is fantastic that you are working hard on it. But the only feature that I would need to touch DTube again is an upload bar with the remaining percentage and an estimated time. I will not go through hell again with just a circle rotating giving absolutely no clue when the upload is done. I guess you guys have 100MBit upload and don't care about that at all because your videos take 10 seconds to upload. Well, mine take about 2 hours to upload and it is always a guessing game whether the upload is actually still going on or not. It has been frustrating for someone with slow internet like me.


I totally agree with you, and this is the type of issues that make me feel bad right now. The upload process uses the js-ipfs-api package and there's not every option in it yet, such as a way to know the progress of the upload.

I wanted the progress bar in the launch but it wasn't possible. Now it's clearly the #1 issue and solving it will make me redo the whole upload page. But OK, gonna work on it now :D

Hey, we're working on getting the progress info added to the js-ipfs-api package. I'll poke around and make sure it happens asap.

Hey man, welcome on steem! Enjoy your stay here and get my upvote, you deserve so much more than that for your IPFS work!

How much would it cost for my own version of DTube? With my branding, etc?

Sadly that's one thing I am trying to avoid, so the price would be ridiculously high.

The last thing I want for the DTube concept is to end up in the hands of marketers. I believe while we need to grow it in terms of features and basically increase the quality up to a point where we get enough contents and youtube users consider switching regularly, so developers shall remain in control of the project for a bit.

However when it reaches this point and ads have to become an additional monetization feature, marketers will have to take power for the leader in this market to beat YouTube.

please one day if you will reply to me also, please make sure who I am. I have about 300 youtube subscribers and .....vies and .... :)))) lol

I guess you don't know who he is? Almost 4 billion video views on YouTube with over 13,000,000 subs between his two channels... Also check out @skydoesminecraft

Either that, or I'd rather just be honest.

honesty for the win!

that would be top awesome!! at the moment i am uploading my first video here and only God knows if it is still working or it is frozen :))))

When would #dtube videos become embed-able on Steemit and everywhere?

The dtube embedding instruction above did not work. it says it's invalid/unsupported.

What he said

What they all said

Yay, thank you @heimindanger. I'm sorry to rumble around here but you need to make some noise to get heard. Sorry that you have to redo the entire page.

I am looking forward to upload Steemy Episodes to DTube again.

Yeah, it might have been a bit rough but it is the truth! I am really waiting for this feature and I am producing videos every day. It is a quite a bit of money that DTube is loosing just by me not posting there anymore. And I am sure I am not the only one.

So you're issue is not knowing if the video is still uploading. Fair does it now that makes sense. Technically you could figure it out for your own as you just go to Task Manager or Wire Shark, check the Ethernet connectivity and see if there is a high upload usage. If not, it's pretty evident that something has happened.

For me, a progress indicator will give clarity if the upload is happening however you're problem is not clarity but rather that the upload might not work. This therefore means we need a way to prove over and over again that DTube doesn't have upload errors anymore.

I need clarity. When I look in my upload window after four hours and the circle is still spinning and there is no indication that anything is going on then I either continuewaiting or I give up. And even with my slow connection it shouldn't take that long.

then more better you change your internet provider to the fast one cause it not Dtube problem if you using a slow internet access.
your neighbour,

I live in Costa Rica and I use the fastest internet available to me. I would literally pay a fortune for good internet but it is not possible here. There are fiber connections coming to this country but only if you live in a major city. And yes, it IS DTube's problem because they loose money for not offering a loading bar. So obviously you are not my neighbour or you would suffer from the same slow connection.

Ah @flauwy I feel you pain, we have the same problem, in the same boat here on South Africa. Some areas are on fiber optic and flying the rest of us just sit and watch spinning circles.

I am feeling y'alls pain as well! I am in Gun Barrel City, Texas and it is a small city southeast of Dallas about an hour and half. I am just thankful for what I do have. It sure beats the days of dial up. I slow myself down by having 10 or so tabs open at once. Ms. Joan isn't it kind of strange that you mention fiber optics and not satellites? Also, they keep adding cell towers and fiber optic. Just makes me wonder why we aren't using the satellites that are supposed to be up there?

Yeah, it is a slow development. But rest assured that in a few years we all walk through 5G radiation wherever we go and speed is the last thing we worry about.

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Hey guys...

I really like what I've been reading about DTube. But I tried making a DTube account and wasn't able to. I am shifting away from YouTube and Facebook as of recently so I would really appreciate a platform of which to share videos. If anyone could answer some questions and help me with DTube I could reward them with sharing and promoting their posts on my account which would guarantee that thousands of people will see their post.

Thanks, Darien Parlick

There is no such thing as a DTube account yet. You need a Steemit account to use DTube.

Ok, I am seriously lost here, I have Steemit, yet have never been able to even access Dtube, can anyone provide steps on which browser or why I am not able to even see Dtube at all? Whether is is following someone's link or manual typing in the address bar (firefox) nothing comes up at all? Been trying this since Aug. and would love to be adding some @WellnessHero content there. Anyone, please help! Gratitude for being nice to my technology abilities...

And if you forget you uploaded and you come to late for some reason it behaves like you didn't uploaded at all and you must upload again...

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