What is SteemHunt & How to Work Here? [Haf-Show 4]

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Hello Dtubers,

This is Hafizullah from Bangladesh, presenting the Fourth Episode of Haf-Show and today we will discuss about SteemHunt and How to work on Steemhunt also with Bangali Language.

Today Our Guest @rehan12, one of the best user of Bangladesh. For your kind information, if you think you need more help about steemhunt you can contact with him or me with any Bangladeshi Community.

If you want, you can check our last three episodes-

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What is Crypto Currency and the Future

What is SteemMonsters and the basic Rules

Let’s check the video for more. Due to uploading problems here only English Version. If you want to check full version, you can see it on YouTube-

Thanks all for watching this show.

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Splendid concept buddy, I must say, your show is so much quality and the fact that you put in a lot of work having @rehan12 there is amazing really, I applaud your hardwork, it's more than amazing

Thanks brother for your nice feedback and frankly your feedback always encouraged me. Happy to hear that you like it. You know I am just trying my best.

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Yeah brother @josediccus it was indeed nice to be in Half show and get to share some thoughts with our reputed users. Besides yes Hafiz brother he sure is indeed doing the best to show and give support to users in every way possible.

It's very good that this show is showing you so important things in us that we need so much that today you are steamhunt about how you did two disks really good and we got to know more about it, thank you and more thank you To organize a show so beautiful

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Thanks brother your nice support always appreciated.

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Another great episode. Thank you for bringing this into light. @rehan12 is in of the, if not the best guest to have on the show to talk about SH. I have personally used SH and love the concept, also looking forward to the SH tokens. Rehan has very carefully and simply explained about SH,especially jn bangla its going to help so many of our native users. Great show and a superb guest!!! Thank you @rehan12 for taking the time

Thanks brother for your nice response. Always appreciated your nice support.

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I don't know many things about steem monsters. But rehan answered very well and it's very informative for every beginners like me. Thanks for made perfect collaboration @hafizullah 🙂

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Honestly I feel so happy that you like it. Thanks friend for your nice feedback.

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I wanna thank you bro for this great show and thanks @rehan12 for sharing so much about steem-hunt with us. Currently i am not involve with steem-hunt activities but in future will try...You guys are amazing..

Thanks Apu for your nice feedback

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Wow i saw a very nice show and I learned a lot from this here. I hope many of our problems will be solved by watching this video and I want to thank you and @rehan12 . I hope the newcomers will benefits your video

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I hope so. Thanks for nice feedback.

Thank you for the informations you are giving on steemhunt.Glad to see you doing good work.
Keep it up brother.

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You are welcome friend

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nice looking both of you. carry on your show brother.

A nice initiative buddy and even someday i will also love to get in the show with u.


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