Scotland drone movie!

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

My Scotland drone movie! Practising flying and editing.

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ehy dear @haastrecht, you made a beautiful post !! I also want a drone and above all I would like to be so good at using it! did you learn by yourself to compose the video? I agree with you: I too am absolutely in love with Scotland, those spaces so infinite and green, that mystical fog, the clouds that follow the wind. everything is a charm, result of magic :-)) keep on travel and congratulations on the curie vote

Thank you very much, yes i taught it myself! I am practising flying for 2 and a half years now and editing i also taught myself! i will post some more editings soon. I need the feedback so i learn more :) And yes the vote of @curie is awesome, really lucky i think. I really can use that exposure :D

really amazing! I love photography and I really want to have a drone (maybe I ask Santa Claus :-))). for video editing I would like to do some courses, usually starting alone does not lead me to anything good !! :-P

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Thank you so much, i really appreciate this exposure. Thanks :)

Hi haastrecht,

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Thank you so much :)

This is incredible, so well done. One of my favorite parts is the calm spot 3/4 in when the music level drops low and the drone captures the light through clouds moving along the valley floor. This short segment is a good counterpoint to the quick changes and dramatic views that come before and after it. It captures perfectly the feeling of flying! There is a weightless quality there. Virtual applause! Well done.

Wow what a nice compliment, thank you so much. only i correct my drone in that part where i am not fond of.

Hello! A pleasure ♡

One of the best videos I've seen with drones, I congratulate you with great enthusiasm, production is excellent and music is at hand🤗

Thank you so very much! there is more to come ;)

This is an exceptional drone video. You did an excellent job. Marvellous 👏👏👏

Keep up the great work

Thank you very much :)

Very well done! We are wanting to go there sometime in the next few years. Lovely preview. What did you shoot with?

Thank you so much, Please go there, isle of sky is awesome! Shot this with my Mavic 2 pro!

Looks like heaven. Scotland is really so beautiful.

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It really is an awesome country!

Scotland is the best country to travel in. Did a month of roadtripping through The Northern Islands and enjoyed all the landscapes and ruin castles a lot :-) Oh, and Haggis! :D

Nooo i didn't do the Haggis :p i liked the black pudding :D

If you like black pudding then Haggis will be loved as well! I'm sure of it :D

This video is wonderful! You make me love Scotland without having been there. Thank you for this visual gift. Kind regards @haastrecht

You are so welcome! I am in love with Scotland right now!