Video: A windy day

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I assume a lot of people are preparing or are on their way to Steemfest in Bangkok. For me a no go this year. Last weekend I had a new health test monitoring my heart rate etc. for 48 hours. During the test I was allowed to do my normal activities but no activities where this device could get wet. This would mean no surfing, swimming, showering (iiieeeew) or going out during heavy rain. Well to bad it rained a lot during the weekend and there was a storm coming over.

During the Saturday we had a moment with a bit of sunshine, so I went outside for some pictures, but the clouds came back pretty soon so I decided to create a short movie to keep my film skills alive after my wedding edit. The short film gives you a little insight at the walk I had.

The edit work

I decided to try out another video edit program as well, this time I tried to edit in Final Cut Pro (FCP) from Apple. After the wedding edit, I got a bit used to Premiere Pro (PP), but I don’t want to deep dive in this program before I tried some others. So FCP it is. During my short edit work, I did miss some things I found pretty useful in PP, like adjustment layers or editable shortcuts. On the other hand, the whole UI did work more intuitive for me. Difficult to explain but FCP does work pretty smooth while (re)arranging video, audio and titles at the timeline. Cutting video does work more intuitive for me to working on the timeline. Adobe loses this game with their Nonlinear editor timeline.

FCP does also run smoother (but I assume that is because Apple doesn’t have to work with other systems than macOS) on my Macbook Pro when compared to PP. Even exporting files is way faster. Talking about export, during this you can continue working at your project. Didn’t find this trick to work in PP?

Organizing the files needed for the project was a bit though to find out how it did work. But once you find out how the library is working with all the files, other libraries, keywords you will love this one.

Thing’s I’ve learned during this small project

I learned that creating a photography self-portrait is way easier than filming yourself, because moving images get more attractive when the background isn’t to static. Actually, you want that your camera follows you while you’re moving. Does anyone know a solution for this?

Also learned that I need to try and use both editing programs more often because I can’t choose at the moment between them. So I need to create some more short movies I guess…🤔

You don’t need much of a story to tell a little story in your video. Just started filming during my walk and the story created itself during the edit. Of course, the storyline is thin very thin but there is a small story. Knowing this, when the light conditions aren’t perfect, I can always start filming a bit. Yes, I do think I’ve found a new hobby here.

I hope you will like this short edit, if not I would love to hear some tips to improve!

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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

Awesome :D You did great on the selfie part of the video! It actually takes twice the effort, both 'walking in front of the cam' but also the setting up and maybe even a trial and error sometimes. Good job on testing your heart this way ;-) The interesting thing of being more limited than when you're health is that you're learning new things, experiencing creativity through limitations. You will take all that you learn now with you in the future when you're healthy again.

Need to stop by for one of those coffees again soon :-)

Pictures are way easier for taking self-portraits/selfies. The setup is more forgiving because you can focus at 1 specific spot to focus and get the right sharpness for your picture. During the video you need to focus and you can either rely on auto-focus, or only a part of the area is sharp. So you can choose to take multiple shots of the same scene to get everything in place (lots of work). But on the other hand it is also fun to think different. trying not to think as a photographer. And indeed keep my pace slow because otherwise the energy-drain will be to big🙈
Already a bit of a spoiler, but I did waste some energy this weekend on one of my other hobby's. BBQ'ing and guess what I tried to film it. Creating a recipe with pictures is way easier! But it was fun. First time this year that I light up the egg, for a good old stew.

You will take all that you learn now with you in the future when you're healthy again.

I totally believe that this is so true!!! I even started to appreciate (yes appreciate not like 🤪) walking who would have thought... I didn't!😂

Coffee is always there, only need to check if I'm not in the hospital for tests😉

Awesome video! And welcome back on steemit, I'm happy to finally see a post from you! :)
The video is both shot and edited very professional (I'm still trying to bring this to my videos as well). It actually looks like a trailer of a movie that has a dramatic story behind of it. The music and the sound effects are chosen perfectly, well done! :)
Oh and I personally use Premiere Pro. :D

Good to see you coming by! How are you? Never been away really, only not that active anymore.... (But I did post every now and then a little bit).

Thank you very much for the pro compliment.☺️🙏 But I just started learning howto edit a good (short) movie. I always used Imovie on my Iphone for my other published movies on the chain. Now I stepped up the game and tried out some other (more professional) applications. As I commented earlier to @soyrosa, I did film last weekend again a little bit and I will use Final Cut Pro again for the edit. Maybe we should share some tips!?

Sound design is the thing I really like actually to do while blending everything together. A long time ago while I posted one of my first drone shorts I got the comment that my music sucked. Best comments there are to get. So I took that comment pretty serious and now I'm trying to get better and better at the sound design. At the moment I'm aiming to gain a bit more depth by creating a lot of ambient sounds through my edits. But still a lot to learn! 😀

Why did you start using Premiere Pro? Where do you get your music from?

Would love to share tips as I'm working on improving my video editing skills as well! And yeah, comments are always the best feedback even if some of them don't sound too good.

I got into Premiere Pro for more effects and smoother speed while playing the video and even exporting it. Also, most of the people I was following were using PP so I thought I will give it a try and since then I didn't try anything else.

I pick my music from copyright-free channels on youtube but I do wish to take it slower with music and start mixing sound effects just like you did! Is closer to reality and what people search for.

Will we do an audiochat to discuss some editting stuff? 🙃

Do people really search for sound effects instead of music? I think you can combine them properly. In the end people want to see/hear stylish and smooth content.

When I compare Premiere Pro with Final Cut Pro speedwise, it is a black and white difference. FCP is way faster on my Mac than PP. But as long as you're happy with the speed! Thing PP is way better at are things like Content Aware fill. Other things like speedramps and audio are way easier to work with in FCP. These are the things I've noticed uptil now. Will continue to find out the differences.

I would rather like to talk on discord in the chat :D Don't know about the audio conversation as I'm not really into that kind of discussion, lol, but I would like to share some impressions!

I actually just finished editing a video where I mixed both music and sound effects and I'm pretty fascinated with the results, haha

Chatting is fine for me as well (only a bit more energy consuming). But looking forward to chat! What days/moments are you most of the times online?

Looking forward (or should i'd say listening?🤔) to that next video!

Anytime between 10AM-10PM Romania timezone :D
You can hit me with a message on discord whenever you want to talk! :)

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