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Awesome :D You did great on the selfie part of the video! It actually takes twice the effort, both 'walking in front of the cam' but also the setting up and maybe even a trial and error sometimes. Good job on testing your heart this way ;-) The interesting thing of being more limited than when you're health is that you're learning new things, experiencing creativity through limitations. You will take all that you learn now with you in the future when you're healthy again.

Need to stop by for one of those coffees again soon :-)


Pictures are way easier for taking self-portraits/selfies. The setup is more forgiving because you can focus at 1 specific spot to focus and get the right sharpness for your picture. During the video you need to focus and you can either rely on auto-focus, or only a part of the area is sharp. So you can choose to take multiple shots of the same scene to get everything in place (lots of work). But on the other hand it is also fun to think different. trying not to think as a photographer. And indeed keep my pace slow because otherwise the energy-drain will be to big🙈
Already a bit of a spoiler, but I did waste some energy this weekend on one of my other hobby's. BBQ'ing and guess what I tried to film it. Creating a recipe with pictures is way easier! But it was fun. First time this year that I light up the egg, for a good old stew.

You will take all that you learn now with you in the future when you're healthy again.

I totally believe that this is so true!!! I even started to appreciate (yes appreciate not like 🤪) walking who would have thought... I didn't!😂

Coffee is always there, only need to check if I'm not in the hospital for tests😉