DJI Mavic crash

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OMG today I was so stupid... I was creating some nice shots for a short movie about the places where I like to come.

At that moment just before the crash I was bringing my Mavic back for a landing. It was hoovering and then I pressed the wrong thumb-stick full speed backwards instead of going down....

Just one moment I was feeling in control and I started talking with my girlfriend (don't even know anymore what we were talking about!) and voila my Mavic kissed a tree pretty hard. It didn't survive the crash, but the package is still undamaged when I look at it. No scratches, no parts broken, except two propellers.

And why is this so stupid, I say every time no not gonna fly there to many people, easily distracted etc etc. In the end I still screwed up. Now I know for sure the hard way a drone is not a toy. The tree did have a lot of damage, it doesn't need any prune this spring for sure.

The damage

After cleaning my drone from the mud and looking for damaged parts, I didn't notice any as mentioned before. So I fired it up and it's doing a self check routine at startup. You hear the DDDD sound from the props. But then the screen says it can't take off because of an ESC error.

The detailed part of the error was 1No. motor error. So it seems to me that the motor burned out or maybe the ESC board for that motor.

The Mavic is still in it's warranty period so I'm not gonna replace parts on my own.

Now the good part I contacted DJI, and remember it's Sunday today! They replied back in 5 minutes (on Facebook) and stated me to the right page where I could fill in a form what happened and what error I got. Ok I thought that's it now I have to wait till somewhere next week until I got a reply back. Not even close, this night they send me a UPS pickup and return label. I filled in the form and now UPS will pick up the Mavic at my door tomorrow! If everything goes like this I will handover the Mavic with full confidence to UPS and wait how DJI will repair and return it. I'll keep you posted about this one.

But for now just banging my head at the wall how I could be so stupid to fly my Mavic in a tree...

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Music like from an old porn. You should work on matching the soundtrack to the movie.

Thanks for the tip! What kind of track would you use? This is the soundtrack from crash bandicoot. Feel like kinda crashing things...:/

Look for nocopyrightsounds.