The Wedding: M&K 👰💐

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Recently I bought a new camera to decrease the weight of my backpack so I can walk around without any pain in the chest. This new gear is also capable of creating movies. A whole new aspect for me as a photographer. My old beloved D700 had no video options at all. I did already create some movies with my iPhone and drone of course but always edited them on my iPhone. This time I started a new edit in Premiere Pro and some After Effects because I wanted to create something more than the normal iMovie transitions and color grading.

I can tell you shooting a video is something way different than taking pictures. First real project for me was the wedding of my sister! I haven’t been around the whole day (needed to rest in between al the activities, so I tried to create the best movie I could do for my sister and her husband.

Things I’ve learned

I did start thinking about the things I did want to shoot a long time before the wedding. But wasn’t able to check all the items from the pre-created list. So that was my first point I wasn’t happy about! Point two, creating a video isn’t the same as the pure art of photography. The photographer my sister contracted for the day was a good one I think. Well I mean he always tried to get the same shot as me! Great minds think alike but the problem I encountered because of this… there was always some camera gear in my shots or the light from some strobes. Lesson learned; great minds might think alike, but maybe I shouldn’t try to get the same shots for video as that I should want for a photo. A single picture needs way more storytelling in one single frame, while in a video you can tell the same story with multiple shots. Too bad I only got one sister, so my wedding possibilities are running a bit short after this one to practice this skill a bit more.

At first sight I wasn’t happy at all with the material while I copied all the created A and B-roll to my computer. Here starts point three! Because it was my sister, I wanted to have the best and only the best shots for her special day. Turns out my sister didn’t look at the movie in that way at all… Another lesson learned, know your audience. The specific people you did create this video for don’t look at the video the same as I do. They don’t see all the imperfections; they only see the beauty from their special day.

While editing I started to think what music I wanted to include for this video. Had a nice discussion about it with @for91days and in the end we could conclude I needed the song they used on their first dance that day. Thanks for helping me out on this choice @for91days. Think the songs suits the day perfectly!

Lessons learned while editing

During the period of time editing the movie I learned a lot! Cutting clips on music, how to use B-roll, mixing some audio from other objects but do make them sound as sounds that were actually there. Learned about new equipment I do want to buy for future projects, like a proper microphone (the reason there is no speech in my video), a gimbal because getting rid of all the shaky footage is a crime during editing! Last but not least way more memory cards. Lighting a scene for video and the proper settings on the camera works different than shooting it for a photograph. Blinking LED lights (wrong shuttertime my own mistake) and strobes from a photographer can ruin your shots pretty easily.

Happy sister!

Just presented it yesterday to my sister and her husband. Turns out they did like the short video from their wedding day very much. You can imagine that I left home with a smile on my face (while sleeping in the car).

I was allowed to share it. So, by sharing it here I would love to hear your opinion, tips etc. Anything to help me and step up my video skills to the next level would be appreciated!

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*PS. As you might have [heard](, I'm not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that... *

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Beautiful video and yes - as a content creator you're much more critical on your own work. If you're able to transmit feelings with the result, you did your work and you def. did that with this video.

Pretty critical once started looking through the files, but in the end happy with the result I achieved!😎
Good to hear from you (i know how (positive) critical you can be ) with this compliment, really appreciated!👍

Next movie will be something more easy, but first back to my photo challenge. Still need to finish the June challenge.🙄

Wow you haven't been around for a while but you made a very impressive come back!

Congratulations for your new gear :)

Are you kidding that you are not happy with this video?

This is a damned good wedding video even without considering that it is your first one and if we do consider that fact, it is an excellent one!
Of course I don't do videos (although I just bought a camera that gives me the possibility to do so) and my opinion is not a professional one but as a viewer I can tell you that I loved it :)

By the way how is your health? I hope your medical troubles are over!

Good to see you back, so many people have given up on steem!

Never been away (won't be giving up on Steem loving you guys way to much!), but not that active... and I can answer the health question also with this. Still searching for the cause of things happening with my health. Last months it was most of the time waiting and waiting for test results with all the holidays from the doctors (and as a traveler I know they need them of course, but the last one got a bit frustrating!). Beginning of September I got the results back from the last test hopefully that will bring some answers. How is life over there?🙂

But really happy with your compliment! In the end I'm very happy with the result, but when I imported the material I shot during the wedding I wasn't happy at all. Lucky me you can still do a lot for better results in post-processing the stuff!😅
What camera did you buy? Creating videos is more fun than I could imagine, another way of telling a story and now I'm able to shoot it with my photo camera (is it still a photo camera?🤔). So my advise would be, just give it a try to create some videos.

I am so sorry to hear that you are still in the waiting "mode". I guess it can get very frustrating. I hope you'll have the answers you wait as soon as possible and to be the most easy to overcome.
I just bought a canon EOS 6D mark II with a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM lens which is supposed to be a very good lens for video because of the Stepper Motor technology, at least that's what the guy that sold it to me, said :)
I have never been a video enthusiast but maybe I will in the future! The truth is that I bought this camera to explore the possibility to return to the profession of photographer after 7 years of absence and I have so many things to catch-up that video (and especially post-processing) will have to wait but yes, it looks like a very interesting field and so much different from the photography!
Congrats, again! Can't wait to watch your second video :)

Don't worry will be allright in the end, only this one consumes a bit of time (ok more time than I want😅). Only thing I really notice as a difference is that I got a so called short fuse (don't know if this is a known saying in the English language but here in the Netherlands it is very common), but I believe that is not because of the waiting but because I'm sleeping very bad.

EOS 6DII nice fullframe camera! You can never go wrong with the nifty fifty, also bought the 50mm lens again for my Z system. The STM system from Canon should provide you with an almost completely silent autofocus while filming. So the guy is right about that! Do you like the 50mm focal length?
But wait... returning to the profession of photographer? That is what you call some news!? What did make you decide to explore the options again to return? And for sure a lot of things have changed in the digital era og photography in 7 years, but when you look close into it, it isn't that much only a lot of things did become better or easier in postprocess😉

My second video 😂 Just happy I got finished with the first one, first some catchup with my photography posts. I'm running behind at my challenge schedule. Still need to finish the post from June 🙈 So I hope you cn wait a bit or will enjoy my photography as much as this video!

short fuse

That's to get angry very easily, right? I guess both waiting and bad sleep can cause that. (Irrelevant detail: there is a Greek movie with that title!)

The 50mm. Yes it is so basic and so perfect :) I can't believe that in the 31 years that I am taking pictures with slr cameras I have had one of them only for the first few months on a borrowed Canon AE-1 program! I really love it, sometimes I think I could use only this one for ever :)

My returning to the profession? That's a long story but in brief there are 3 factors. First is my need to express myself with a medium that I know very well and has been part of my life since high school. Second is my entering to the steem world that helped me realized the first one! And third (and probably most important) the possibility of state funding for professionals who gave up their business during the years of the economic crisis, so that they can have a second chance. And yes, I know that technology is making things easier every year but one of the main reasons I gave up in the first place, is that I failed to embrace technology when it barged into my life and send my beloved hasselblad in a closet! But of course steem has changed that!

Of course I enjoy your photographs, that's why I followed you, after all!

And your June challenge is what I am going to read right now :)

Indeed that does mean getting angry or irritated very quickly (most of the time at the people you love actually). And I assume it will be the bad sleep and the waiting, but still you don't want to hurt the people you love.

Really only using your 50mm if you had to choose one!? As a landscape shooter I don't want to think about that limitation😅 But sharpnss and colors are wonderfull from these type of lenses. How come you didn't had one in your bag during those 31 years of photography?

Beautiful to read that Steem actually brought you back to your profession as a photographer! What is that with the state funding? That sounds like an unbelievable oppurtunity! Did you had to deliver any proof that you have been a photographer before the crisis? What are your exact plans with the funding from the government?

And you still have that Hasselblad?😍

Your June comment is my next comment I need to reply hehe so I noticed you read the post 😂 Thanks for reading👍

This comment-reply sequence starts to look like old-fashioned mail correspondence :)

Yes, no one wants to hurt the beloved ones but unfortunately those are the closest and more likely to be hurt on a stressful situation.

Ok, I know a fixed lens gives you many limitations but I am too excited with this one! I always had zoom lenses that included 50mm and never evaluated the purchase of a fixed one as necessary, but I was wrong!

The state funding is for ex-professionals of any kind that after closing their business remained unemployed. There are a lot of requirements (33 pages of them) but it looks like I am eligible for it! My business plan is very simple. Buy new camera, new lenses and new computer and start shooting again! I have many doubts if I'll manage to make my living out of it but I have to try.

Indeed, I still have a Hasselblad 503CW, 3 lenses and a lot of gadgets that are lying in a closet since 2005. I am thinking about selling them but it is so hard to make the decision!

Greetings from Crete :)

This video is absolutely beautiful... gave me chills actually haha. Stunning way to tell a story of a such a special day.

Thanks for the compliment @justineh feels good to hear that from you!😎
How are you doing?

Met recht een mooiste day loved the details, shoes airshot and the text not everything..... on the container heb je zelf wel genoten?

The container text was just there.... and it was the only subject in the area that I could film during the ceremony. They got married inside a industrial museum in Sas van Gent. No other subjects to film that could show the vibe from the area🙄

Heb zelf zeker wel genoten! Maar veel moeten rusten tussendoor. Dus ben niet meegeweest met bepaalde activiteiten. Ik moest tenslotte toch fit zijn tijdens de ceremonie als zijnde de getuige van mijn zus. Ze had die krabbel van mij toch echt nodig😂 Verder ook nog een speech gegeven waar ze erg blij mee was (vooral de vragen nadien van iedereen 😈). Was gewoon een gezellig en mooi dagje.

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Wow! This is great work @guchtere! Lovely shots, happy faces and super nice editing :-) Well done. Sometimes buying new gear can bring something new to your repertoire :-) Cheers - and tell your sister I loved how they got wedded on white sneakers, it's my favourite detail of this whole video :D (Okay, plus maybe the little kid looking into the ring box :D)

Thanks for the compliment @soyrosa lovely to hear that coming from you 😍
Did send the comments over to my sister! Funny that you just mentioned the shoes, because they where quite a thing while searching for her dress (long story 🙄). the little kid was so awesome (I cut out the face from my sister a bit but she looked really upset😅), his parents created a video where he ride out in his electric little car to get the rings back!

Ha! Cool, I'd love to hear that story about the shoes someday :-)

Will tell you the story in real life is that a deal? 😉

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