Help Me With My Thesis (Complete a Multiple Choice Survey & Get Rewarded)

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Free Fitness and Nutritional Programs & Guidelines:

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I am a health enthusiast with a passion for sports, fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I created my channel to share my knowledge and experience of healthy eating and proper physical exercise to provide people with the right tools to improve their lives. Furthermore, I believe that helping people to achieve a healthy physique will provide them a great boost of motivation, confidence and self-esteem to be able to achieve any other goals they have in life.

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Let's spread Health & Fitness!

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please upvoted me
i subscribe your channel

I have read your survey you made through google drive, but I did not fill it, because I was not suitable for the situation and the question, I did not practice it well. I wish many people participated in filling out your surveys.


Thanks for looking, actually everyone is suitable because it's about people's opinion :)

welcome i am a new user too
i wish you best of luck and i upvoted your post and follows you
follow me @zahidmoon


Thanks :)

Wishing you good luck for your surveys.. It was NA for me but all the best.. Following you to stay tuned..:-)


Thanks :) it's actually applicable to everyone not only people into health and fitness, if you read the questions you will see

@gisi al dar clic en el enlace aparece un aviso de sitio no seguro.


el video e seguro, prova con google chrome

Why are you paying all the middle man to upvote your post ???

Is your content not good enough ??

Don't you a have any real followers, who like what you're doing?


i'm just trying to make the post be as visible as possible to have as many people complete the survey for my thesis :)


Okay I let you off this time.

Don’t feed the selfish whales/middle man in the future