Searching for animals in the jungle of Koh Samui island! | 🎥 Follow us around through the Jungle of Koh Samui Island in Thailand- #3! 🌴

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Hi dear blog readers, here is the next Vlog (Video-Blog) I have recorded after taking a little bath in front of the great waterfall.

I have taken this video with a selfie stick in the jungle around the "Namuang Waterfall 1" on the island Koh Samui (Thailand) and in this part Im taking you with me on the search for wild animals in the jungle!

▶️ DTube

And yes, finally we really found some animals, when we was already on the way back with our rented Toyota car by Avis from the Airport in Koh Samui: We spotted some huge Elephants!!!

Here you can find my blog article with the first photo impressions of the elephants, taken with my smartphone: Elephants spotted in the jungle of Koh Samui Island, Thailand!

Sorry for the bad photo quality, I zoomed in...

If you like to see more jungle impressions, here you can find another of my blog articles with photos taken in the jungle: The jungle around the "Namuang Waterfall 1" in Koh Samui!

Here you can also find the first part of our jungle trip on my DTube channel:

Here you can watch the second part of our jungle trip on the Koh Samui Island in Thailand, where you can watch me climbing around the rocks:

Steemit blog article link: Follow us around through the jungle of Thailand, Koh Samui Island - #2! [DTube Video]

I have also already uploaded another part on my YouTube channel, where we noticed some very weird sounds and here you can find my Steemit article with the video:

Steem On everyone and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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nice challenge good luck friend @future24


Thanks @prosteemian and have a nice day!

I'm very pleased that you were looking for geckos for me. sorry that the island did not have them :) Your video greatly raised my spirits :)

Мне очень приятно, что Вы искали гекконов для меня. жаль, что на острове их не было:) Ваше видео сильно подняло мне настроение:)


Haha, great that you like the video @cranium! 😂
As you can see, I was very busy to search Geckos for you, but no Geckos in the jungle....
But don´t worry bro, I have seen many other Geckos at other places - Photos coming soon! 👍

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I also love to play to the forest a lot of fun check my trip @rajamulkan2121

this is very nice, this place is very challenging.
good luck buddy.

Did you found any wild animals in the jungle. what is the name of the animal


Oh yes, we have found elephants @liamnov!!! 👍

Here you can find my first post with impressions of the jungle elephants:

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Wow! what an adventure @future24, although i could not watch all due to network glitch. Bravo


Thank you for the feedback @gracefavourn even I you wasn´t able to watch the full video! 👍


You are welcome.

Amazing jungle!!! well done @future24.


Thanks for the feedback @kilianparadise and greetings from Berlin!

nice post

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@future24 I envy the life you live. Thanks for the sbd