🐘 Elephants spotted in the jungle of Koh Samui Island, Thailand! 📷

in travel •  9 months ago

Hi dear blog readers,

on our search for animals in the jungle around the "Namuang Waterfall 1", @lex030, @kathybell, @jenja and me really found some almost wild elephants and here are the first impressions of our adventure with the jungle elephants!



Here you can also find the first part of our jungle trip on @dtube:

And here you can watch the second part of our jungle trip on @dtube:

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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Voll cool! Die würde ich auch gerne mal in freier Wildbahn sehen 😍

Ps: Kannst du evtl mal bei Skype reinschauen ;)

crazy moment to relex

Omg!!! You all got a really heart of brevity.
Doubt if I could be featured in such arena.
You rock!!!!


Thank you for your visit and feedback @mickyscofield!

You have a really amazing adventure. I looked at your pictures. That's awesome! You big brave men on that island. I wish you a fascinating journey and interesting stories for all of us. Thank You!

Que nota de tour.
Esta Isla se ubica en la provincia de Surat Thani, situada en la costa este del istmo de Kra en Tailandia. Cuenta con una superficie: 228,7 km² y una población de apoximadamente 62.500 personas.
Posee una fauna muy variada entre las cuales se tienen: Elefantes, monos, serpientes, insectos, cocodrilos, tortugas marina, etc.
Te felicito. Me encanto tu experiencia.

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I'm going in Thailand in 1 month 😀😀😀. Will you be there?

Is the wild elephant is smaller than the elephant in a zoo.

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It must be a beautiful experience. regards