Vlog 158: 4 million steem powered up in 7 weeks + Crypto Market thoughts + Thanks for the all the witness support.

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In the last 7 weeks, around 3 million new STEEM was created but a total of 4 million has been powered up!

That is great news in my book.

It tells me more and more users powered up STEEM at a faster rate than it was created.

Maybe the high SBD has something to do with this. Buying STEEM with SBD from blogging has become a lot more effective.

I certainly am changing all mine to STEEM.




Thanks for the all the witness support.

Our witness @blockbrothers is now in spot #79 on the witness list.

Thanks so much for all the support.

Our app Steemify has been very well received and has been downloaded worldwide from the USA to China.

User @flauwy made a great video featuring our App. here. Thanks, man!

Our backup witness is fully configured and ready to become our main. Our dev @bennierex is just waiting for the right time to switch them.

Again thanks, everyone, we are over the moon!

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Wow that would be a great news! 1 million more STEEM powered up in last 3 weeks! That's a good sign and I like this SBD rise! Thanks for sharing this wonderful update with us!


I never had even smallest temptation to cash out my steem, or trade into other coins. Never.
Since my Day One here, all rewards goes exclusively one way:


And some time to time - even extra submissions from an exchange

Almost everything I have powered up as well.

"... that SMT will consume more bandwidth on the steem blockchain network and that means that you will need to buy steem power to pay for the bandwidth and this is where the value for the steem token comes in, in the future. I don't think it be through blogging on steemit."

I believe your statement above will be recorded in the crypto history books and I completely agree with you. This was actually my biggest realization coming home from steemfest. I have realized that steemit.com is simply an app on the blockchain and the value of steem is so much bigger.

Very well said, not so sure many want to hear it yet, but it is in fact the direction we are headed.

Keep vlogging!!

Thank you so much for this reply. I'm glad you see it too.

yes well i exchanged alot of it to steem aswell, however ew and patters says the sbd is likely to go up to 34$ and above soI think I will look what next week brings and might buy then some more steempower

I heard that too. But I'm content with the amount of STEEM I get right now.

This is a good sign that people power up that much these days, and I think it will be visible at its price too in a few months. Voted for you as a witness, I wish you good luck to get into the top 50! Also, is DTube working well right now? Because the last time I used it I had a lot of trouble with it.


Dtube has been great for me for weeks now. They did a fantastic job and thanks for the witness support!

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Nice update as always mate, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the https://vice.org/ ICO. Have you seen that STEEM holders are going to recieve 10% of the tokens?

@exyle you seem to have your way of making me go crazy. I feel like a kid before Christmas looking at that gift under the tree just KNOWING is the new super Gameboypro2018. Great news for steemit and yes I am stacking all i can! this steem dollar rise surely makes it easier!

Merry Christmas!

Awsome post man I think you are a good writer :)
Would it be posible to hire you for a job?

like what?

Exciting news about all the powered up steem, I hope the trend continues. Congratulations in regard to your overall witness position.

Thank you and I like this trend as well.

Wow!!, nice to hear the update on how people have been powering up with there sbd, that really great. To me, I feel the rise of sbd now it's and opportunity for every steemians to power up

nice video my friend, wow many congrats to blockbrother to reach 78 rank in witness list to me it's fantastic achievement in such short spade of time and i hope we soon see blockbrothers will comes up in top 50 list, well i watch the steemify video tutorial created by flauwy and it's really helpful for me to understand steemify functionality and i also agree with your points changing SBD's now to steempower is a wise decision indeed and it surely brings great results for us in near future, i also like to say that steem blockchain is no doubt one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest blockchain present on the internet, thanks for sharing very nice information and thoughts with us, Stay awesome

Yah @exyle,

I was part of that powering up. Last week was really a good week for me.

Congrats to @blockbrothers climbing up the witness ranks.

I am following your example of powering up steem bought with steem dollars. This is fun!

It is!

really is fantastic that people are investing their time in the platform and understand that collecting steem power for better rewards, heading higher up in the rep ratings and general understanding of the platform is important for retention of those users. thinking that maybe bitcoin is putting a lense on crypto, it's become common knowledge these days.

Voted for you as witness! The Steemify app looks really great- any plans for Android?

Thanks for your support! Android may be in the future but first, we want to perfect this version.

Makes sense! Appreciate your work.

Very true, good time to convert SBD to Steem and power up.

Steem and SBD up trend will really helpful for the community

Thanks for the mention, @exyle. I learned about it through your own app. :D

Wow! really great news dear @exyle, power are now easy to use and SBD will rapidly growing instant, obviously thanks.

@exyle This can only be a Good Thing when more STEEM gets powered UP than is even created.

@exyle is there any indication of why so many users had the steem power cut in half at 6 pm eastern standard time yesterday?

Friend ...? I want to ask who you know friends have information that SBD will last forever as it is now ... sorry friend if I say wrong and I just know steemit.
Thank for you @exyle

STEEM bull run is imminent. The last time SBD had a crazy up, STEEM followed with a ~600% growth.

I join to say thank you too.

wow, awesome achievements. Love to see people who are committed and INVESTED to make Steemit work. Great job and good work!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful update.Upvoted the post.

It's a very happy news. Go ahead we are with you. thanks for sharing @exyle

Wonderful news @exyle. I'm really excited to heard this news. Mot of fellow steemians always ready to their power up to witness supporters.this is great news to steemians.

That is certainly a good news and it does indeed means that people are able to trust and invest in Steem more & more ,Ultimately good results!
Steem on!

Trading your SBD for steem is one of the best moves you can make right now.

Latest news, awesome story. Thanks for sharing

Steem is gonna be great! it is already great! just imagine the worth of steem coin when all facebook,twitter and insta useres will move here!
i am defenitly going to invest now in steemit!

Thats so good work . You will be in betterposition in near future . And you entirely deserve it. Respect !

it's a great news indeed. More and more people are powering up means credibility of Steemit is getting better and hopefully it will continue to grow with SMT coming into play

wow it hint's that something amazing is going to happen with steem prices too :)

No Jerry Banfield 1 hour long read over here, nice and short!

Yes and everybody is investing in steem!

i will always support you man...


dear friend @exyle .. you used dtube tag .. this tag must be important all steemit post or content thnx for use this tag

Interesting, steem is really growing with speed. Thanks for sharing

Great statistics! That's is awesome.

looks a great thing huge number of power ups means more steem locked into the system could easily boost the pricing

That is very valuable info, 3 mill created and 4 mill powered up, thats shows confidence building up on steem.. :)
Growth have been exponential also, just as the start of Facebook era.. 2 bill monthly active user on facebook but after many years, steemit on 300 ~ 400k active monthly user after just a year, that shows extreme good growth...
Glad person like you always keep on blogging to nurture the growth on steemit though.. Thanks... :)

Great !
Nice demography and good news for steemit community
!! Thanks for sharing @exyle !!!

Steem will grow rapidly in 2018

I think the powering up has everything to do with the high sbd rate. As I look at myself, I even started a power down like two weeks ago and I cancelled it. It got faith back and people are riding the writing wave

Crypto Market is nice, your video is discription is very nice, your story is very nice,

4 million steem powered up in 7 weeks incredible data thanks for sharing this number it has a great significance on the prices too and the platform will see stable growth

you are doing amazingly well as a witness lots of cool work done till now i wish you all the best keep working hard and success will all be yours :)

seeing this data for the first time and the more no of power ups too for the first time i guess this is so nice good thing about sbd pump is this

I like the movement of SBD but I havent is so sad, I will getting SBD

just woww great job @exyle

Great news update @exyle. Power up is real beneficiary way for more earnings. @blockbrothers increasing the witness level & my warmly wishes for it. SDB will hope more rising so the hodl SBD me. If increase I will get multiple times profit to exchange steem or power up.

Awesome a lot of investors would now feel to invest more heavily after seeing this post for sure this is just a great beginning many more positives to come in 2018

That's a huge number so i guess that's sbd pump was good for the platform seeing more users powering up is a great positive

I also follow as you do, hopefully steem can improve, so that we all happy.

never heard of steemfy before till now. And now i will download it.but from where? can i find it in play store.or some other place.please tell.me.a

Super Stats

Thank you for the timely update !

Great, will definitely follow and would too invest in Steem which is going to sky rocket in near future

Looks like 2017 is ending on a definite high note! Power up and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for share this

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