Please help us help Rocky!

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To help Rocky get the care he needs, please consider donating. Every little bit helps!

How can you help:

  • Help to boost/resteem/share this post
  • I am going to donate ALL the SBD rewards of this post to the cause, so your 100% upvote will count a lot!

To help with donations (to my husband @el-cr's account):

  • Bitcoin: 1LJZmH2WvvGDhDSVyVtCkA6PV9dsiFBLA2
  • Ethereum: 0x4e35A87dA6508e365Ac2D7b9F95552908B807FC2
  • EOS: elcryptociar
  • Via paypal: to his foster mom Marcela: [email protected]

Rocky thanks you very much in advance!

See @el-cr's original post here

UPDATE: after I finished editing the video, we heard that Rocky is in a lot of pain today and wasn't able to get up to pee and is crying out in he may be getting worse. His transportation to David is scheduled for Tuesday (no ferry to cross to mainland on Monday!), and in the meantime we will try to help him with stronger pain killers...)

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Heartbreaking. And of course it's 100% vote from me which at least is worth something now after my delegation.

You both are wonderful people Eve. I'm going to go and vote some of @el-cr posts or comments 100% and a few more of yours and please, this is my pleasure to do, giving to rocky in the hopes he can be helped. Basically, I'm gonna vote you guys until my VP hits 80% which I try to never go below. Should equate to around a dollar or two maybe 🙂

I wish I could afford to send more in fiat, but I haven't got it. I lost my freelance writing gig so money is tight for me ATM.

Best wishes and hopes for rocky. He has a fighters name. Hope he makes it and even if things go bad, know that you guys have made his life better and that is something special 👍

thank you so much for your nice words @raj808 and support! very well appreciated.
Yes Rocky has a fighter name, he has being fighting his entire life and I am sure everything will end up well for him if the Vet doesn't find anything weird inside him.

You are a good friend!

thank you so much Rowan! And congrats on the delegation, you deserve it!!! Rocky will make it I'm sure, even if he may be "special needs" for the rest of his life. He already has a good foster mom for when he gets back =) Thanks so much for the support!!! Sorry about the writing gig...hopefully another one will come along soon, fingers crossed!

I have sent you the rest from my exodus wallet it isn't much but I think it will help him 😊

Thank you sooo much =) Everything helps, so thank you for donating!!!

Gär geschitt 😂🙄

Aww :(

The man done good. I hope you can get some of the existing and future costs covered.

Thanks Asher!! Fingers crossed =)

Voting and sharing to C-squared. Hope your dog is going to be better.

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thank you so much @ganjafarmer =)

Hey Sweetie, I am sending you 10SBD 💖

you ROCK Lena, thank you so much!!!

Awwwwwww, my Dear Eve, I wish I could do more. You are most welcome and God bless you for helping the poor little guy. Keep me posted about Rocky; I hope he will be okay 💖

Oh my gosh!!! That looks just like my best pal George!

Oh wow yes they do look alike

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Awe… I love him already. You guys are truly angels for helping rocky. He looks so much happier in the last video.

He is finally taken care of.. it shows in his facial expression that he knows he’s in good hands 😜

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His soul knows. God bless you guys and Rocky!

You are such a good soul @evecab!
Of course I upvoted, resteemed and shared it on twitter.

Thanks for taking care. We need more people like you on this planet!


oh thank you so much @tibfox!!! Thank you for caring and sharing the post =)

you are welcome!
I've transferred a little sbd to your wallet :) Not that you miss it ^^


thank you so much, that's awesome!!!!!

Upvote for you and Rocky; small as it may be. I hope he gets the care he needs... already re-steemed your husband's post. Thank you for being such good and caring people!


awesome!!! Thank you so much @curatorcat!

you two are the most good-hearted people I "know"..for real..

Thank you!!! And also for your donation, you’re the best!

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Thank you 🙏😊

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Awww poor guy!!!
Bless you guys for helping him! What a sweetheart he seems to be. He's probably feeling terrible and maybe in pain and still he just loves you guys and wants to be near you.

yeah he is craving attention and affection, and he's finally receiving it now =)

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I hate paypal. Gmail for Google Pay?

Hey I had never heard of payments through google.. how does it work? The donation doesn’t go to my own account so I have to check if that lady Marcela can do google pay

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It's instant. For example, if I send a friend money from, the person getting the money will have it in their bank account in less than 5 minutes. Usually, by the time they get the email notification, the money has been deposited.

The person getting the money has to setup their account though and add a debit card or bank account. Then they can receive money for free. Google takes no cut from it like PayPal does. You don't have to worry about Patreon's problems either where some people have a hard time getting their money out of their accounts from month to month.

I hate Google for a lot of reasons, but their payment system is the best I've found.

I will have to try it 😜 for this occasion it’s not my account so I won’t be able to set it up for Marcela, the lady who collects the fiat donations for rocky, but if you choose “send to friends and family” with PayPal there is no fee when sending from the uS

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