Rocky needs our help! 🐾

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The Story:

When driving to work one morning, I saw a dog sitting on the side of the street in a weird position, as if he was doing his necessities and with a very sad face. I was in a rush, so I did not look in detail.

The following day, I passed by the same place with my family, we were going for dinner and I saw him again, same spot same position. I asked about him to two locals that were sitting on the sidewalk talking, they did not know who that dog was and that he has been like that for some time there.

Since he had a red collar, I thought… “maybe the owner is living in any of the houses in front and he likes to hang there”.

The following morning, I was driving to my office and saw him again, that is when I decided to pull over and have a close look at him, and what I found broke my heart.


He could not walk, he was dragging himself in pain, he had a lot of big dark gray things in his entire body, which looked like warts.

I went to ask the neighbors if they knew who the owner was, but nobody could tell me. It was very sad to see how he tried to follow me in his pain and crying. I was wondering how many days he has been there suffering in pain with no water nor food, under the rain.

I could not take it anymore, so I grab a blanket I had in my car, covered him and lifted him carefully. I was worried that he was going to bite me, but I was not going to leave him like that.

In that moment I did not care about work or anything else, I was not going to be OK knowing that he was going to die there slowly. I do have to say that for the first time I almost cried while driving him to the vet clinic, I was thinking how come so many people pass by on their bikes, cars or walking, and noone, literally nobody gave a shit. I was angry as hell.


Maybe nobody looked at him because of his collar, and when a dog has a collar it means he has an owner. I also thought about looking for that owner and file a legal complaint against him. But the priority in that moment was to save Rocky.

At the Bocas Vet Clinic:

Once we arrived, the first thing we did was to give him water. The Vet took a close look at him and did some tests.

According to the vet, Rocky is approximately between 7-9 years old. What I thought it was warts was in fact a bad infestation of ticks (about more than 89% of his coat including ears, nose and perianal area were covered). He was in a lot of pain, but now he is on pills. We believe that he was also hit by a car since it’s hard for him to move his back legs.

He is very affectionate and grateful, and started the treatments without a problem.

The results of his test came back positive of SNAP 4 DX and the blood test for Ehrlichia canis.

He was injected with Vitamins and a liver protector. He is on Doxycycline treatment for 22 days, an he had as well an oral dewormer. The vet also gave him a NEXGARD tablet.

After sitting in the streets in pain not able to move for many days, he had to drag himself to move which also scraped his skin. He was not eating or drinking for several days.

Thankfully, Miss Marcela, another animal lover, she is also willing to do the grooming for streets dogs and prepare them for adoption. I contacted her and Rocky is now staying with her under proper watch / care until he recovers enough to go to another city for X rays.

What’s next?:

With Rocky we have to go by the day. I am so lucky to get to know other really cool humans that have been willing to help and give part of their time, energy and money for this situations.
Since where we live, we do not have an X ray machine, we need to transport him to another city (5 hours away by boat and road), take him to the border where there is another doctor that can analyze him and see what is wrong with this hips / legs. Hopefully he won't require surgery, but if he does, he can have it there in that clinic.

pick looking.jpeg

We are still trying to find who can adopt him. It is not easy to find new homes for 7-9 year old dogs with a disability, but I am sure I can do this, although this is the most complicated situation I have experienced when saving an animal.

Rocky needs you too!

I never ask for donations for myself or anything else, there is ONLY ONE reason for me to ask for donations, and that is when we are helping the an innocent animal.

In the past I was able to help other animals, and many of you will remember when we were able to help Coco the Pup, many of you supported me on this platform and some even sent me some Steem.

For you to have an idea of expenses:

  • For clinic treatments, medicine, vitamins, injections = $226
  • estimated cost for x rays around $75 - $100
  • in case he needs surgery, this will be around $200
  • plus all expenses that his transportation will required or any extras.

How can you help or donate:

Help to boost this post
I am going to donate ALL the SBD rewards of this post to the cause.
You do not have to resteem if you don’t want to, but your upvote will count a lot!

Help with donations:

  • Bitcoin: 1LJZmH2WvvGDhDSVyVtCkA6PV9dsiFBLA2
  • Ethereum: 0x4e35A87dA6508e365Ac2D7b9F95552908B807FC2
  • Litecoin: LemdxfVvugRV94WWkFbyr1ycPTywbeyvdm
  • EOS: elcryptociar
  • Via paypal:

Or if you feel like sending SBD or Steem, I will be able to exchange it for fiat to help with expenses.

I will be posting updates about Rocky’s advancement and will come up with a final post result of him.

Please send us your best vibes, because finding a new home for him has its level of difficulty.

Here I went to visit him, he was very happy to see me and I was very happy to see his progress:

Thank you so much for reading this!

Rocky thanks you as well!

adopt me.jpeg


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Tuesday 26th UPDATE:

Rocky is already in the way to David City. To get there, a friend (Mr. Peter) is taking him in the ferry that transports cars, then he will drive for about 4 hours to get to David City.

Once in David City, Javier from Boquete Dog Camp will pick him up to drive him for another 45 minutes to the border, where Dr. Tello will receive him to start all the Xrays and analysis for proper diagnose.

I hope to have news at the end of the day, if not tomorrow.

@evecab and I feel very grateful with all the help we are receiving since a lot of cost are involve.

Here are some pictures I took this morning:

the car line to go on the Ferry

Rocky will travel comfortable

Already getting on the ferry

We were lucky it was not full today. I told Mr. Peter, his wife and the local Vet Clinic for all the donations the crypto community is giving, they were very happy!

Thank you guys, I will write a new post for better update after the Vet visit.


Amazing what a long mission for little Rocky, very grateful to you @el-cr and those involved helping Rocky, I send another %100 upvote.

just saw Eve's video... sent you a lil something... un abrazo mi pana, gracias por ser asi.


no bro, gracias a tí por la ayuda, muy agradecido, saludos y un abrazo!

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I've sent u 5 STEEM. It's just a tiny help but I hope by the time you withdraw it in the future, it might cover more of those expenses you have with Rocky. I wish the sirgery won't be needed. You're a great person man!

Btw, was it OK at work that you didn't come that day? Or come much later?


thank you @matkodurko you are a good man too!
no problem at work, my coworkers realized I chose to help Rocky over getting into trouble at the office, they supported me too.


thank you so much!!!

Thank you for being such a good person and helping Rocky! My upvote is small, but you have it; also re-steeming for visibility. I hope all goes well for Rocky, and that he recovers and finds a good home!



thank you so much for your support, a lot of people have showed so much love for Rocky... thank you!

Oh man... you guys almost brought tears to my eyes. You are such a sweet, warm-hearted couple and Rocky is such a cutie. His spirit and will to live is remarkable. Just upvoted both posts and sending you some Steem now. Our planet just needs more people like you. Thank you Carlos and Eve!


wao @phortun, thank you for your kind words! seriously, I am amaze by how you and many others are helping us!


My pleasure man. Like I already said, our planet just needs more people like you guys.

Much love to that little guy! Thank you for saving him.

Thank you for saving Rocky.


thank you for passing by and supporting, if I would be financially free, I will be helping all the streets dogs of my town!

So cruel just leaving him in the middle of the road. People need to be responsible owners. You can't just throw a pet away.


I agree, but the lack of education is huge. Good thing that in Panama new laws towards well care of animals are being approved. As soon I am done with Rocky's cause I will find who the owner was, and believe me... I will make sure to file a complain against him/her.

Ahhhh - damn :-( This breaks my heart. We get so involved in our own lives and heads we forget to check if others are doing well. I'm so glad you kept wondering and decided to stop and check up. I'm going to send you a few dollars on PayPal - it's not much but every little bit helps.

You're a great man @el-cr and I wish we could share a hug right now. Instead, hug Rocky for me :-)

Omg that was a great thing you did!!! I hope that u keep him💜. Im going to resteem this and hope that you get more support for this!


thank you so much, we cannot keep him, we have already 4 cats and 1 dog and a new human coming soon. But I will make sure to find a place for him, I will never put him back in the streets.


Ive also shared your post in all my discord groups hope it gets more aloha🌺


thank you! this is so nice from you.

@el-cr , what's the latest about Rocky? There is a possibility that, if we can get enough people interested in helping with vetting and transport, we can place this dog in the States. His story is incredible. Please let me know what @TARC can do! We have our hands full here in Appalachia and are closed to intakes, but we partner with several other rescues who would most likely step up to help. Feel free to DM me on Discord. I will do everything I possibly can to assist.


wao this is great! thank you!
Rocky is like 9 years old and had difficult life, he is missing teeth as well, I really don't know if is good idea for him to go abroad taking into account quarantine time. We still don't know what's going on inside of him.

However, it is most likely that Miss Marcela will adopt him. She is the one that helped him with ticks removal.

Check my last post for short update please, I hope to have more news soon.

I did not know Tarc existed, I will check on that and thank you for your support!

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This is wonderful news! Yes, he's definitely had a rough go of it. He is so fortunate that you found him. :-)

Please let me know if there's anything we can do. I wish I could send you a big old bundle of money. We're in pretty dire straits ourselves with funding, to the point of having to turn animals away and getting excoriated by the local community for saying no. But hopefully things will take a positive turn for animals because of blockchain communities. I sure hope we all make a huge difference some day. Thank you for taking care of Rocky!

I left a message on Eve's post which I hope you'll read as I tagged you in. I won't write another one here as long. Just know this brother... you have a heart of gold. I'm gonna be voting this and some more of yours and Eve's posts or comments 100% to help give to try and help rocky.

Keep on keeping on my friend. All the best.


thank you so much brother! I really appreciate your help. You are a good friend.

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That was an admirable thing to do , kind sir . Props to you ! Hoping for Rocky to fully recover !


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
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you and @evecab <3

good going guys!!

Full upvote and I have sent you 5 SBDs !!!

You are really wonderful and I am glad to see someone eventually cared for Rocky after days of neglect ; __ ; I hope to see Rocky's journey in the future to a happy home...

Thank you for being awesome <3


@veryspider, this is very nice from you, thank you so much! I will keep everyone updated. Rocky will be received by the vet in the other city tomorrow evening, hopefully he will not need surgery.

aww, the puppers!!!

Greetings @el-cr it's nice reading about your act of charity and kindness you showed to this dog. Yes it's true not everyone would do the same thing you did. People like you are rare to find.. People like have a beautiful heart. I'll support this post by resteeming it, I hope it will catch the attention of more steemians... Keep up the good work. And by the way, I followed you. 🤗


thank you for your nice words and the resteem, very appreciated!

Thank you for your being kindness.. Jehovah my God will bless your family and Rocky as well..

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Oh gosh @el-cr I feel your pain breaks my heart seeing this I thank you for doing what you can for Rocky he is such a sweet dog and look he is so grateful when he saw you, bless him. I cant donate but will %100 dolphin upvote the post.


thank you so much @simonjay

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@el-cr ty ty ty for picking up Rocky! My heart goes out to him and you for your help 💓🙌🙏.

Upvoted, Resteemed & will be sending over some funds shortly.

Curious where you are located?

Edit: guessing Panama after checking your page.


correct, we live in the Caribbean side of Panama, in an island where resources are low when it comes to health care specially for animals.

Your donations is very well appreciated, I will keep you updated with Rokcy's advancement. He will be visiting the new Vet tomorrow evening, hopefully he will not need surgery, we will see.

Amazing. I'll never spill beer on you again, I promise. This one hit home. Thanks for doing this. Make sure you check your car for ticks that may have fallen off him if you didn't already.


I am so overwhelm by the support of the community here, you made me smile!

Yes, my car had a couple of ticks I already took them down, even the fumigation company doesn't want to charge me because they know I helped Rocky. Thank you my friend!

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