Gravity is Just Density

in #dtube2 years ago

The natural physics of density and buoyancy determine that objects denser than the medium surrounding them sink while objects less dense than the medium surrounding them rise. This is the reason raindrops fall down through the air, while air bubbles rise up through water. Objects at perfect equilibrium with the medium surrounding them levitate in place like the balloon in the following video. Please share this short 5 minute video with your social networks and help make it go viral so we can wake people up to the centuries-old pseudo-scientific lie of "gravity."

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My friend!
I`m all the way with you!

Something strange happened to my poem the other day. It was altered on steemit and every other place that I posted it. It was also altered in my computer. I'm 100% positive that it was altered. This is digital harassment and vandalism by the powers that shouldn't be. They only added one letter but it ruined the flow of my poem... Here is the original version that they altered... Artificial intelligence inserted the letter "a" before the word Goy???

Here's my new version of my poem before it was vandalized in a subtle way...

I'll reupload it 6 GORILLION times if I have to!!! The the powers that shouldn't be are trying to ruin my art. Satan can only destroy he cannot create!!! Please upvote and share my poem. God bless

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