It's ok to be Goy

in poetry •  2 months ago

It's ok...
Its ok to be Goy

Its ok to be Goy

The cattle know
They run the show
The more we work
The more we owe

We're born a slave
And forced to serve
The beast of Satan
The Federal Reserve

Two sets of laws
Meant to deceive
With UCC
To supersede

The laws of God
For the laws of man
They use your name
To pull this scam

All uppercase
But still the same
The only prison
Is in your brain

It only works
If you comply
For us to live
They have to die

They're not content
To coexist
They pushed the limits
And now we're pissed

So pick a side
The end is near
I trust in God
I have no fear

The game is over
The final blow
For the spawns of Satan
Because the Goyim know!!!

My original poem was altered somehow so I'm uploading the original version again. The title was its ok to be Goy.. I used the it's ok to be white meme as my theme... It was also shadowbaned the trending section. I had 200 votes in the first hour and only 4 more over the remainder of the 7 day period???

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