Dtube Mainnet: launches on 01/10/2020

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We are super pleased to announce that the Dtube mainnet is finally ready and will be publicly launched next week on 1/10/2020 around 4PM UTC. Our ultimate testing period was really succesfull and it provided us with enough time to fix remaining blockchain bugs, and understand how should we proceed with economics, as well as implement some UI changes to solve plenty of ergonomic issues that will finally make DTube more understandable to the average internet user.

UI Patch Notes

Added sliders

Changing your voting power on each vote was a bit tedious in DTube before. We now have sliders similar to some other Steem/Hive UIs that will appear when you try to vote. Choosing how much power to spend on each vote just became a whole lot easier.

screenshot voting sliders

Also on the video publish page, you will find two sliders, one for the vote power, another for burning DTC to promoting your videos.

This promote feature is also available in comments.

Vote details improved

In order for everyone to understand the economics of DTube, and how to optimize their votes, we added a new page that lists all votes for a video, and shows the respective rewards of each voter, and whether they have claimed the DTC reward.

Demo link

Your DTC rewards

Since the last economy change, you now have to claim your DTC rewards to get it into your balance. But if you do that, you will stop earning for this vote.

Go to My Channel -> Rewards to see the list of your rewards and claim them (if you want to)

screenshot rewards

Upload page design improvements

We recently improved our upload page to allow for direct peer-to-peer uploads and third party sharing (yt,twitch,daily,etc), but it was ugly. So @hightouch decided that it needed some visual improvement and should make it clearer.

new upload design screenshot

new upload design screenshot2

Dedicated page for subscribed feed

This page has been missing for a long time, you were only able to see your subscribed feed from the homepage. Now it has a dedicated page and you can scroll to find old videos. Once logged in, you will see 'My Feed' in the side menu that will take you there.

Demo link

DTube In-App Help

We have brand new documentation for DTube. Docs are mainly created to provide new users a better user experience and anyone can edit it with the edit button on the help section or can suggest adding new pages or edit directly from github.

User search

You can now search users directly from the big search field in the top menu. Just start typing and if any channel matches your search, it will display it underneath.

Vote for leaders!

Any user that holds at least 100 DTube Coin but isn't yet voting for blockchain leaders will have an annoying notification that constantly reminds him that he should.

vote leader notification demo

Not enough bandwidth?

Holding DTC is crucial to generating bandwidth for your account and being able to transact on the blockchain. By using our free signup, new users receive a lot of starting bandwidth (64 kilobytes), but only 0.1 to 1 DTC. So if they start using d.tube moderately, they usually run out of bandwidth after a few weeks.

We now have a detailed popup explaining to these users why they cannot proceed, and how long they will need to wait according to their current DTC balance.

not enough bandwidth demo

New page dedicated to settings

The settings menu grew a lot over time, and became harder to use on mobile. We dedicated a page to it now, and it's available from the left-menu now

Demo link

What will happen on mainnet launch

All of the testnet accounts and videos will be ported into the genesis block of the mainnet.

The token sale investors balances will be set to the amount they bought. All other user accounts will all start at 0 balance, will need to claim their airdrop to start using DTube normally again, or purchase DTCs if they are not eligible for it.

Similarly to our last testnet reset, all of the testnet videos are also getting ported inside the genesis block, however all the votes (and associated pending rewards) will be removed.

Existing testnet leaders will group up a few hours before the scheduled launch time. If enough leaders join and ensure a good security to the network, the mainnet will become accessible live on d.tube at around 4PM on 1/10/2020. If you want to be a leader at the launch, please join our discord channel and present yourself in #leader-candidates.

The airdrop and the team shares will be held in the @dtube account during the respective distribution periods (respectively 6 months and 12 months).

Exchanges listings

Yes we will have at least one centralized exchange on launch day.

We will also operate a @dtube.swap account that will allow swapping DTC to other protocols (ERC-20, TRC-20, Hive-Engine token), which will enable us to trade DTC on Ethereum, Tron, or Hive based decentralized exchanges (hive-engine / uniswap / justswap)

There's a lot of changes coming in the upcoming weeks, so expect more articles to follow soon. If you find any bug in the UI patch, feel free to submit an issue on GitHub. For any question related to the launch of the mainnet, please comment on this article!

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Need support?

For support from the team and the community, please comment this post or go to our:

The DTube team


This looks really promising!
I have a new NGO that just started their YouTube channel. They should definitely be in here too!

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Wow, personally looking forward to it. Had started some records that I want to test on Dtube!

GodSpeed 💙 @dtube !!!

Will be possible to post on it without the need to post on hive or steem?

Thanks for updating

Please fix the tagging option the drag down menu is not functioning well and its confusing

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