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DTube 0.9: Doubling up your rewards

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The payout is descentralized. You can rank the content based on that or any other metric. In the end all user interfaces are just fancy block explorers. So what if steeve uses a custom algorithm to display recommended content? You can still search for everything else. Again, that is not the point. My point of contention was that Dtube will use another blockchain to rank content and I was using an example to show that the same effect can be acomplished by other means.

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It can, but it sacrifices the idea of decentralization.

Descentralization is a tool that helps with censorship resistence (that is the real goal). But some applications require some level of centralization that is inevitable. People don't need to run a full node to transact on bitcoin (and it would be impractical), they can do it just the same using a light wallet. The same principal applies when interacting with the steem blockchain. You can either run a full node and connect an interface to your local instance or you can use a light client (like steemit, busy, partiko, etc).

Yep, that's true. But do you see the advantages of running the sorting with a consensus system?