Modular Soundtrack Improv: “Lobby Disintegrates”

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

“Lobby Disintegrates” is a new piece built upon yesterday’s modular patch, taking it in an entirely different direction. Here a meandering and procedurally informed major melancholy voice informs a second more dramatic distorted post rock lead via summed voltage and Maths manipulation. I’m starting the patch with the Three Sisters filter set to self oscillation and easing it into the high melody and eventual distorted lead that comes through halfway. Clouds provides some scope and the Erbeverb is carefully tuned to sympathetic resonances.

Lots of Eloquencer channels dedicated to probability based gates here, Plonk for instance only fires 12.5 percent of the time through the loop, but via some sympathetic modulation to its decay time and the length of the verb, much landscape is created when it does go off. Little touches like this lead to moments where the machine seems to be self-aware, summing several chance based effects (I have a huge verb blast that triggers even less often but opens the filters momentarily for max drama) at once into a continually evolving landscape.

Placid demolition.

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Ohhh Man !! The wiring system of this music is always surprised me towards this music. Nice play of song's.

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