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Hey Guys,

We Are Here With The Results of Our CONTEST In Collaboration with LinkSEVEN77

Firstly, our aim with this contest was to know you guys a bit more better and to let others know you and your thoughts as well as opinions.

We are extemely happy to get an enormous response on this contest.

We received 12 ZNAPs for the contest !

The Participants were -

Blind-Spot is not entitiled for the rewards. He wanted to share his thoughts, (did it quite amazingly) Do have a look :)

So Guys,

The 1st Place Is Bagged By.....

@JeronimoRubio !!


Congratulations, You have been rewarded 30 STEEM :)

The 2nd Place Is Bagged By.....

@Kaerpediem !!


Congratulations, You have been rewarded 20 STEEM :)

Each Participant EXCEPT the winners have been rewarded 1 STEEM each :)

Thanks A Lot For Partipating !

We Whole Heartedly Appreciate Your Passions ;)

Special Thanks To @NathanMars for givin us the permission to make this happen ;)

Meet You Guys Again very Soon With Another Rising Contest :)

Till Then,

Keep DTubin !

Keep Risin !


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Great work

Of course, thank you very much so much for keeping a good contests and in that contest is completely filled and you have selected two partispits and given them their hands properly, thank you very much for that, and with those who participated in this content, you can comfort them all. It's a gift given for some races Thank you very much panake

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Congratulations for both winners of @JeronimoRubio and @Kaerpediem.

@drisers, you were try to improve steemians prospective through this contest. There asked potential three questions and participants gave valuable and interesting answers. My opinion is every participants win this contest coz participating wanna big wining opportunity. Keep going with your project and I'll stay with you.

Congratulation @Jerominorubio and @Kaerpediem

Especially, I'am thankful to @drisers for give the opportunity to participating this nice contest. Thank you so much for sharing this contest. Hopefully, we can see many contest in near future.

Love lots

Congrats to all winners ... I am really happy that i was part of this competition... Congrats @JeronimoRubio and @Kaerpediem ... You guys were awesome...


Thank you @priyanarc
Dtube didn't want to be my friend the last couple of days
It seems ok today
I have a lot of catching up to do :)

12 entires, that's quite a number
But having said that the prizes are also very generous
Congratulations to @jeronimorubio :) Will be making my way over there
And thank you so so much @drisers
I am over the moon :D
And congratulations to all the winners
Will be looking out for more of these contests :D

Hear what a pity that for some reason or other I did not hear about this contest but I congratulate the initiative and congratulate the winners of it. To the majority I have the immense pleasure of knowing them virtually speaking since several months ago when I started on the platform.

It is very gratifying to know that there are still people who promote coexistence and human approach through these dynamics. Keep it up and keep blessed brothers. A hug from Venezuela.

Hey Hey @drisers Family... Thank You So So So Much... All of You are Amazing. I Absolutely Love this Community and I am Honored and Humbled to have been chosen.

I promise I will continue to bring inspiring and Motivating content always. I will always do my part to help and support this community always as well.

Congratulations to all of you as all of you are Winners in My Eyes and Heart.

May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always be surrounded by Endless Blessings.

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Great selections 💪 congrats to the winners!

Thank you for hosting this contest for us guys, keep up the good work!

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