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I had a lot of fun making this video and answering the 3 questions put up by @drisers.

The 3 questions were

  1. What are your passions?
  2. Why do you love video content on dtube?
  3. What are your thoughts on Linkseven77

I am loving the answers already submitted and I am more than excited to give my input. This is a quick, short answer but should give you the gist.

I have already declared I will not be accepting the 1 STEEM for participation, nor will I be taking part in the contest for the 50 STEEM prize pool.

Keep Dtubin
Keep Risin!

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good luck

Wow really proved again how nice you are and so people can easily understand three questions in a way that I understand and I agree with you. The words that you said are certainly important and very useful thanks to make you a beautiful video.

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Really? I was starting to think I am too complicated to understand.

Maybe I am....and you are clever enough to understand me.
I loved your video too. It was the first entry btw. But as a mod for drisers I thought it'd be smart to refrain from commenting on any entry before the winner announcement. Does that make sense? Hopefully it does LOL

And TBH, you are the beautiful one....thank you so much for stopping by

Nice video. I am too camera shy to go in front of the camera like that. And besides that, this is a public blockchain, I enjoy keeping a little bit of privacy. :-)

You guys are brave to do it!


Brave? More like stupid. I always thought about the privacy issue. But since every where else all my profiles are very more would be nothing LOL

No matter how shy you are....I am gonna get you someway or other to be on #pbcitchatshow

Aww woo...
You have explained very nicely. Actually, I agree with you. Thanks for sharing you passion, love and thoughts.

Best of luck.


Thank you for the compliment, Pranto.
I am so happy you agree with me
I am so glad you decided to participate too!

Lets hope for the best!!

Glad you jumped into the amazing contest, good luck to all of us, contestants.


If you readmy description you will realize I am not a "contestant", I made this video just because I want to share my thoughts, too. :D

Loved your video, and learnt so much more about you.

I especially loved how creative you were with the canera angle;)

It was cool learning about what you think about Dtube. It is a great community!


It sure is!
Dtube is, IMO, very underrated when it comes to how valuable it is to socializing. Also, the potential it has is still not very "out there"

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